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Traditionally, if you wanted a high-end luxury phone Apple was the way to go but now Samsung has firmly shown Europe and the US in their place with is new Galaxy Fold smartphone-tablet folding phone that is pretty amazing in every sing way, including the price which comes in at a whopping $2000.

Pitching itself years ahead of arch-rival, Apple the Galaxy Fold has been ten years in the making and simply oozes the next generation banner. This spectacular device has a standard 4.6-inch phone screen on the front but then you can open it up like a book to reveal a large 7.3-inch screen which folds in half.

You have no lines, no visible wrinkles, crinkles or joins whatsoever, and its simply beautiful. The Galaxy Fold is quite something to behold, and it’s a level of innovation and luxury that we have not seen before, but of course you have to pay for this type of luxury hence the massive price tag of $2000.

That’s more than twice as much as Samsung’s other new high-spec phone the Galaxy S10+, but there are many out there that argue that the new foldable device is exactly what the struggling smartphone industry needs, and it could quite possibly be the device that will begin to reshape the future of smartphones.

Created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Samsung’s successful Galaxy S phone line which alongside Apples iPhone has been the main player in the smartphone industry for the last ten years or so.

The new Galaxy S10 range boast triple-cameras, ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensors and are the first mainstream phone to house one-terabyte of storage which is enough to hold 300,000 selfies. The Galaxy Fold can now amplify its brand even more, but also this fantastic new design is a poke in the eye for Apple, especially as the company celebrated its own tenth anniversary with the iPhone X- a beautifully well-polished product but nothing as revolutionary when compared to the Galaxy Fold.

There is no doubt that we are living in the mobile age, you only have to walk down the street and count how many people are using smartphones as proof. In fact, we have come to rely on the for some many things that to lose or have our smartphone stolen is close to being considered a minor disaster.

It was evolutionary when we first began to carry out those tasks that would have normally eaten into our busy days, but now we not only carry out daily tasks we also rely on our mobiles for our entertainment a good deal of the time.

We can watch movies in HD (or OLED) we also turn to our mobiles for some casino action playing at high end mobile casinos that accept Payforit and we store and listen to our music through our mobiles.

The simple fact that a casino site will allow people to play games using Payforit is testimony to how much we have come to rely on our phones. Payforit lets players fund their accounts using their monthly phone contract or pay as you go balance.

In this way there is no need to give the site any personal, baking details which obviously appeals to many who enjoy a bet or wager online as it keeps them safe from having their personal details compromised by computer hackers.

Whether folding phones will really take off remains to be seen, but expect to see some more versions from other companies as Huawei and Xiaomi and Royole are all intending to release their own versions in the next few months.

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