Characteristics and Advantages of Rattan Garden Furniture

Your garden is among the places in your home where you can spend time relaxing and getting close to nature. It is a place where you can spend time with your family or friends during the weekends or when there is a special event. To be able to make your time in the garden more comfortable, adding pieces of furniture is a great idea. However, since the garden is an outdoor space, you need to choose furniture pieces that are sturdy and can withstand different weather conditions.

Among the many types and furniture materials out there, one of the best for gardens is rattan. It is one of the most popular choices of garden furniture for the many advantages that it offers. If you want to learn more about rattan garden furniture and its benefits, read on, and we’re giving you the characteristics and advantages of rattan garden furniture.

What Kind of Furniture Material is Rattan?

Rattan is a natural material that is used in making both indoor and outdoor furniture pieces. It is quite similar to bamboo, but it is strong and made of solid wood, unlike bamboo that is hollow. In addition to that, rattan is also a very versatile material, making it used widely in making all kinds of furniture.

Like other woods, rattan also accepts stain and varnish. This means that it can be colored from light to dark and everything in between. When you compare rattan to other materials, it is very low maintenance, and it can last for a very long time. Other wood materials are required to be treated with oil and other preservatives. But when it comes to rattan furniture pieces, all you have to do is dust them using a brush, and they will look new in an instant.

Characteristics and Advantages of Rattan Furniture

rattan garden furniture

Did you know that rattan furniture is the oldest piece of furniture in the world? Many years back, it was used to make all kinds of furniture, including beds, chairs, tables, and storage cabinets. Rattan sticks are cut into very thin and flat rods and are weaved into different patterns for chair backs, doors, and even baskets.

The original processing method of rattan material is quite complex. It goes through various processes, such as steaming, drying, bleaching, and disinfection. After firm processing, the furniture will have characteristics like flexibility, breathability, natural texture, comfort, chic, and ergonomic. When it comes to appearance, it is elegant, beautiful, close to nature, and highly appreciative. These things make it great garden furniture.

Below are some of the advantages that you can get from rattan garden furniture pieces:

  • Weather Resistant

One of the best features that you can get from rattan garden furniture pieces is that they are made to be used outdoors all year round. It means that they can withstand even the harsh weather conditions outside your home. A piece of rattan furniture can hold its own in the rain and wind during the winter season. You can also find rattan garden furniture pieces that are UV protected. This way, they will not fade and maintain their beauty from the day that you bought them. This will allow you to enjoy using them during the summer season without worrying about their appearance.

  • Stylish

Adding some rattan furniture pieces to your garden is a great idea, particularly if you are looking into adding some style to your outdoor space. Rattan is a traditional craft furniture product, and it embodies the gentle and elegant style of ultra-modernism, wherein the style is grounded to its advantages. It is a perfect choice, especially if you want to add some traditional style to your garden.

  • Functional

One of the best advantages that you can get from rattan garden furniture is its efficacy. At the present time, with emphasis on health preservation and environmental protection, many people are into rattan furniture. Since it is made of natural and rustic rattan, it has the functions of heat absorption, moisture absorption, natural ventilation, and calming effect. Rattan furniture is cool in summer and warm in winter, making lots of consumers attracted to it.

  • Ready Assembled Furniture

Today, you can even purchase fully assembled rattan furniture online. This means that when you receive it, all you have to do is find a good spot in your garden to place it. You no longer need to worry about putting together complicated parts like in other kinds of furniture pieces. They are also found in all kinds of designs. Some are wrapped or weaved around different categories of furniture frames. This makes a convenient furniture choice for your garden. Go for aluminium for the frame, and a UV stabilized rattan to make it weatherproof, making them even easier to own.

  • Comfortable

Rattan furniture pieces feature gaps between the canes that offer enough ventilation even when a person is relaxing on them. Therefore, when you compare it to wood or metal furniture, you will find rattan furniture more comfortable.

  • Easy to Move

Rattan garden furniture pieces are very durable, but they are also lightweight enough, making them easy to move around the garden. Even though they are lightweight, they are strong. Therefore, you can move it wherever you want, from the deck to the patio or even in the middle of your lawn. In addition to that, most of them are also compact. This means that they will not take much space, particularly when stored.

  • Affordable

Rattan furniture is cost-effective. You can buy it without thinking that you are spending too much, even if it looks expensive. Also, if you know where to search, you will be able to purchase rattan garden furniture pieces at wholesale prices.

rattan chair in the garden


Rattan is indeed a great garden furniture material. In addition to that, it can also be used in almost any home and in a wide variety of settings, even in bedrooms and offices. Many people today are focused on saving money but are also searching for good quality furniture pieces, which are things that rattan furniture can offer. With this, its popularity continues to rise today. We hope this article helped you in learning more about the characteristics and advantages of rattan garden furniture.