Charged or Arrested? Why Consult a Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer


Are you being charged or arrested for a crime? Handling the legal consequences of a criminal charge can be a daunting task. The number of reported crimes from January to May 2021 was 103,248. With the crime rate in Houston rising by 30% in most neighborhoods, the Houston Police Department is extra cautious, and you need a strong defense against prosecution.

No matter how you decide to plead guilty in court, hiring the best Houston criminal defense lawyer can help you win the case.

Who is a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

According to reports, a criminal defense lawyer in Houston and the rest of the state can charge anything between $77,298 and $104,044.

A qualified criminal defense lawyer or a public defender holds a specialized degree in criminal law. Hence, they are extremely capable of providing the best legal advice in such cases. They can protect the rights of the clients in defense of the degree of the crime.

The best Houston criminal defense lawyer is an expert in fighting a diverse range of criminal cases like:

  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Violent crimes that involve the use of deadly weapons
  • Drug-related crimes
  • Murder or felony
  • An aggravated assault in theft or fraud

Reasons to Hire the Best Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

Here are a few reasons to hire the best criminal defense lawyer to handle legal risks and obstacles seamlessly and consistently.

Provide the Best Research & Investigation

An experienced criminal defense lawyer is well-trained in handling a wide range of criminal cases. They can research the Houston Code of Ordinances and the rules and regulations under the state laws.

A criminal defense lawyer can do intrinsic research to examine all the facts and proofs related to your case. They can also find loopholes in the system that might help you prove your innocence in court.

Prompt Help to Handle Risks

Prompt handling of a criminal case can guarantee a higher success rate. If you take longer to start the process, prosecutors get a chance to strengthen the charges against you. For example, you get only 15 days to ask for an administrative hearing for a DWI charge in Harris County. If you fail to do so, your license can be revoked for 90-180 days by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Also, hiring a criminal defense lawyer can help to regain your reputation and freedom faster.

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney helps in mitigating the risks involved in criminal cases.

Design and Develop the Best Strategy for Your Case

Every criminal case requires a unique approach and strategy to handle the charges. Developing the right strategy to represent the court in a case is important. A criminal defense attorney will focus on building a solid case of defense on your behalf.

Evidence and witnesses play an essential role in any criminal case. A top-qualified criminal lawyer has the right resources and capacity to gather the required evidence to support you in court.

The attorney will conduct an independent investigation of the witnesses to prepare for a strong trial by cross-examination.

Legal Assistance Saves Time and Money

Preparing legal documents and paperwork is a tedious job. Getting the paperwork ready on time needs a lot of research and money.

You need the proper documents to check the court expenses and other miscellaneous charges related to the case.

Hiring the best criminal defense lawyer can help you save time and money in handling the legal work.

Help Reduce Penalty Charges or Punishment

There are various risk factors involved in a criminal case. Some of them are:

  • You get falsely accused of the crime
  • You may be highly penalized for a small mistake
  • You may get a heavy punishment for a misdemeanor
  • You may lose your job or reputation in the society

Prosecutors handle alleged defendants in a very harsh way in criminal cases. Getting the best criminal defense attorney by your side can save you from false allegations.

A skilled Houston criminal defense lawyer can minimize your fine and save you from unfair sentencing even if you are found guilty.

They Have Experience Staff to Do the Background Work

Preparing for a criminal case is a time-taking process. A reputed criminal defense lawyer has a qualified resource team and staff to prepare the paperwork.

The support staff does the following work:

  • Gather important proof.
  • Cross-examination of witnesses.
  • Plan the winning strategy.
  • Have an alternative backup plan ready.

Provide a Trusted and Emotional Support

Facing a criminal case can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Courtroom sessions are stressful and cannot be handled easily. Fear, shame, and depression will make our case weaker.

A criminal defense attorney can handle your case professionally. Since they are well versed in the system, your lawyer will have a transparent discussion on the possible outcomes of your case. It will help you mentally prepare for the worst-case scenarios.

Final Word

Time plays a vital role in criminal proceedings in Houston. If you find yourself accused of a crime, intentionally or unintentionally, it is advisable to contact a reputed criminal defense lawyer at the earliest.

It is really in your best interest to have your lawyer review your case and work to get the best possible outcome.

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