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Our world has already seen a lot of changes in the past few years. There were tasks that used to take months to be completed but now they are completed in a few seconds. Advancement in computer science has the greatest impact. In a few years, we will start observing artificial intelligence all around us as there are a lot of applications of it in the real world.

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We have already started moving toward artificial intelligence and automation rapidly. Many people may not have noticed the changes that have been brought by artificial intelligence, but if one notices carefully, one will observe that a lot has already been changed. For example, consider that one has ordered something and has queries related to it. A few years back the person must have talked to the representative of the company from where the person bought the product but the representative has already been replaced by a chatbot and many people may not have noticed it. Changes like these are constantly happening in our surroundings with time, we just need to observe them. Let us discuss more the term chatbot.

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software that is able to send messages automatically and is also able to mimic human conversation. It is able to exchange written messages. Many times, it has been observed that chatbots are used as a fully automated tool, but sometimes they even assist humans that are handling a lot of text conversation at the same time. Most of the chatbots use decision trees or natural language. Chatbots are even referred to as chatterbots, chatbots or only bots.

There are many versions of chatbots, few are considered advanced chatbots. An advanced chatbot is able to identify a few keywords and analyze intent. Chatbots take the help of artificial intelligence to find the best response if the question is asked. Simple chatbots offer a particular set of dialogue choices that are linked with answers. Chatbots’ importance has grown immensely in the last few years. Many big companies are shifting towards the usage of chatbots. As they are becoming an integral part of our life, it becomes important to understand them in detail.

Basic types of chatbots

  • Messenger chatbot – one of the most popular platforms all over the world is social media. Chatbots are very popular on such social media and messaging platforms. This type of chatbot is a bit difficult to design but are of great use. Messenger chatbots are one of the widely used chatbots.
  • Website chatbot – They generally operate on our browsers. It can be used as a website for interaction. Mostly they appear at the corner of a website but sometimes they become a different webpage.
  • Voice chatbot – many people may not have noticed that they are already using voice chatbots. We can operate these chatbots with voice messages. They are extremely helpful.

Advantages of chatbots

  • Chatbots offer a better experience to users as compared to the same work when done manually by human beings.
  • There are always chances of mistakes with humans. Humans may sendincorrect messages by mistake but with chatbots, one does not need to worry about it. They are more efficient in their work and the chances of mistakes are almost negligible.
  • It is possible that few of the person employed for this job of assisting people may not work properly, this leads to the biggest issue customers generally face and it is that they don’t get a reply instantly when work is done by them. But with a chatbot, we get an instant message as soon as we put up the question.
  • They have a wide range of applications, from social media platforms to online shops sites. They are used everywhere and the use of chatbots has proven to be more effective.
  • Its biggest advantage is that it is designed in such a way that anyone can use it. It is very easy to use. Every individual is able to make the best out of it because of its user-friendly experience.

Chatbots is one of the most innovative software in the past few decades. Its application in the real world is amazing. With an increase in smartphones and messaging apps, chatbots will also grow in popularity with time. Many big companies already have chatbots that are doing wonders in today’s world. A group of people can also build a chatbot for their team and help their business to flourish. People can build chatbots for their teams on Facebook, WhatsApp and many other such platforms.

People should use chatbots as much as possible as it is very convenient to use. Many companies and businesses are shifting towards the use of chatbots. It has helped businesses to work more efficiently and improve the percentage of profit for them. Slowly and gradually chatbots will become an integral part of our lives.


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