Cheap Upgrades That Can Make Your Car Look More Expensive Than It Really Is

While the United States can boast that it has more registered vehicles than registered drivers, Europe can brag about owning 80% of the world’s motor vehicles. These statistics can only mean one thing; a majority of the world’s population spends a considerable amount of their time in cars. During this time, it’s either they are hauling grocery, taking the kids to school, commuting to work, or stuck in traffic on their way to a soccer practice.

But whether you’re on this list or not, it’s important that you enjoy every minute spent in your car. You really don’t have to own a new shiny, chic, and luxurious car to have it looking expensive and comfortable. You can do so with a couple of upgrades and pimping. But how exactly can you make it happen? A detailed guide related to the necessary car accessories available here

Well, here are some examples of cheap upgrades that can make your car look more expensive than it really is.

1. Keep it Clean

This may not really come out as an upgrade per se, but dirt is one of the things that really bring down the value of your car. It really doesn’t matter the condition your vehicle is in, whether old or new, dirt will always make it look older and probably cheaper. Paying for a nice wash for your car, at least once every week, will leave you feeling better and your car looking good and not cheap.

One of the areas that really make a car look good is ensuring that the tires are cleaned up really well. You can actually do this by yourself at home using a toilet brush. Additionally, you may also need to ensure that you take care of the trash in your car. Keeping your car clean and organized is one of the inexpensive ways of making your car look more expensive than it really is.

2. Replace the Floor Mats

If your car still has the same floor mats you bought it with, and perhaps it’s been five to six years down the line, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. In addition to looking nice, rubber floor mats that are weather-appropriate help preserve and protect your car’s carpet from mold infestations.  

3. Invest In Modern Seat Covers  

Nothing makes your car look cheaper than an interior that looks boring and worn out. Deteriorated upholstery in your car’s interior will always make it look cheap and neglected. To up your game, you can consider investing in cool-looking tacky sets of seat covers. Well fitted, these will actually improve the interior appearance of your, making it look classy and luxurious.

4. Accessorize

Car accessories come in a wide range of varieties, some of which are modestly priced. These include steering covers, gear shift knobs, stylish headlamps, auto camera systems, car navigation systems, light covers, stickers, and many more. However, it’s important that before you decide on either of these, you consider seeking some professional advice from a trusted auto shop. When overdone, accessorizing can make your car look tacky instead of classy and expensive.

5. Painting and Part-Painting

Painting your car in parts can accentuate its look and feel. This can come in either stickers or a real paint job. The partial painting cannot in any way be compared to the complete paint job in terms of costs and time. You may also purchase parts that come painted, especially bumpers and brake callipers, among others.

As you can see, you really don’t have to go beyond your means to make better and more expensive than it really is. In addition to the above, keeping your car in good condition for the road is the best way to not only ensuring it looks expensive, but also that it stays that way. This is in terms of ensuring proper maintenance, frequent service checks, quick repairs as soon as problems are noted. For auto repairs, service checks, upgrades, and other automotive solutions, it pays to pick a professional service provider such as