Check Out These Fashion Trends Making a Comeback This 2021


If you’re a solid fan of fashion that follows the trends closely, then you will definitely agree with the saying that history repeats itself. In fact, even 1500s fashion trends are gradually coming back now. Take a close look at the family photos mounted on the wall or stashed somewhere in your granny’s house, and you could be surprised to see some of those outfits being advertised somewhere online. You know… that crop top on her or the belly bottom pants your grandfather wore? They were quite a fashion statement in their days. Well, surprisingly, a handful of clothing pieces are being reborn a few decades later, with a modern twist in most cases. Read on to discover some fashion trends that 2021 has seen or will see making a comeback.

1. Bandanas

So much can be said about this fashion accessory. If you can remember well, Nelly and Kelly’s hit song Dilemma preached the bandana’s existence, and from there on, it was a trend. Over the few years that followed, it became a mainstay among men and women, boys, and girls. You could see everyone in bandanas, from popular rappers to basketball stars, other popular celebrities, and even the ordinary person in the neighborhood. They were particularly paired with baggy vests, either tied on the head, wrist, or around the neck.

In 2021, where COVID is still a major problem worldwide, most people wanted to embrace fitness, the bandana came back. Remember, it was a requirement for most countries all over the world to put on masks. You could spot people tying bandanas around their noses instead. Hey, it seems like the bandana is here to stay. Let us wait and see.

2. Bucket Hats

There is something about the hat that you will not notice on the cap. Where the ladies at? This is a must-have for them when they are heading out on a girls’ day out in summer—paired with stylish shades. The slouchy beanie took over 2019 and 2020, but in 2021, these fishermen like hats made a significant comeback.

The good thing is the hat is a universal accessory. This means that it can easily be paired with any outfit regardless of the occasion, be it a sunny dress or streetwear. Pick a suitable designer hat that will leave you looking like that hip-hop artist. These often come with a hang tag depicting the brand or designer, giving it a professional touch. The trendiest ones also come with discreet labels and a detailed description alongside quality images of the item in case you are buying it online.

3. Crop Tops

Suppose you wear this outfit and interact with a lady who is probably 70 years or older, she’ll tell you one thing. “This was my favorite outfit when I was a young girl.” This outfit has made our sisters hit the gym and submit to sit-ups as if their lives depended on it. The “cut top” exposes the belly and brings a feminine look that cannot be ignored. Let us not forget belly piercing, which brings out the beauty of the exposed tummy area. Crop tops are mostly worn with a pair of jeans. These tops were a fashion headline in the 80s, and they keep on resurfacing year after year.

4. Socks and Sandals

It is not a new thing to see an older adult on the sidewalk wearing socks and sandals. That is what he grew up wearing. This look is perceived to be for the cool kids in the block, and it has blown off minds this year. However, do not just put on any socks in your closet. Go the designer way. Designer sandals and socks are the new twins this year.

Well, sandals for women are something we are used to. But in 2021, they have become a staple in the guys’ closet too. The gentlemen have had their fair share of this trend, not forgetting the loose sweatpants they wear on Saturday mornings and Sundays at the mall. Wow! Let us not go more in-depth into discussing the sweatpants.

5. Crochet Stitching

This is a shared childhood memory for many grownups right now. When you are shopping at the cloth store and come across a crocheted sweater, what comes to mind? That heavy pink sweater that granny crocheted for you to have over the wintertime was probably your favorite. Nowadays, you will spot several people wearing their crotchets as scarves, sweaters, Marvin, and tops. You will notice that the old folks will rather buy a crocheted sweater than a leather jacket when they are out shopping.

6. Neon

Humans are energetic! Just when Covid struck and got many celebrations canceled or postponed, the neon came back. Let us assume that the neon was brought back with so much energy to bring back the glow of life despite the downs. Honestly, 2021 has been generally hard (read insane), but who cares when shades like neon can sparkle a glow? The old dances that flare disco lights, the neo was born, and despite it being dormant, in 2021, it came back with a bang!

7. Denim

This is the most stylish fashion trend since the 70s. The heavy creased-like faded strong jeans always stand out! In whichever way, denim wins! They come in the form of skirts, trousers, and jackets. Some of the best designers use personal labels to make their fashion brand stand out and become known globally. There is something for everyone when it comes to denim. Paired with a fur top, crop top, animal print, chiffon, and body con for the ladies, pieces of denim are styles that our great grandfathers rocked in their younger days.

8. Hawaiian Shirts

If you go through the archives, the Hawaiian shirt is a look you cannot afford to ignore. The simplicity and sense is the bomb. And no matter how bad 2020 and 2021 has been on economic growth, it has done it all on the fashion side. This year has raised some of the forgotten trends that would brighten a look in a blink of an eye. Hawaiian shirts are trends of the 90s that have come to a whole new level. The bright colors crashing on a sweater are an instant mood changer on any outfit. Both ladies and gents can rock this outfit.

The fashion world is diverse and dynamic. Some fashion styles may grow old but are surely not forgotten. In one way or another, history repeats itself. Some types have come and gone, but the above pieces seem to have stood the test of time.

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