Checklist for your Next International Trip


Checklist for your Next International Trip

Someone has truly said “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page’’ Traveling the world around is its self a life lesson. While traveling is therapeutic, planning for the same could be daunting task especially if you are travelling to new country. First things first make sure you have a good camaraderie with someone or learn the local language. Trust us this would save your from many chaos and problems while traveling in the foreign country. Here we have prepared a brief check list that you can follow in order to make your next trip memorable.

Things to Remember for International Trip

1. Budgeting

First thing first, prepare your budget and allocate the money accordingly. It’s always wise to create a diary where you can jot down all your expenses. Also, check prices of all the things, flights, rooms and etc. this will help you to make an ideal budget.

2. Opt for a Travel Insurance

If you are traveling out of your home country then make sure you have travel insurance. There are number of travel insurance available. Choose for the one that covers your medical, lost luggage, evacuation and cost of trip cancellation. Make sure you opt for right travel insurance as it will prevent you from many major problems.

3. Opt for International Licence

Though all countries do not ask for international drivers licence, but it is always good to have one with you. Also, it helps to get IDL. You can also use it as your identity proof. Also, you would not have to struggle while traveling in the new country. You would be eligible for a rented car. Also, you would not be dependent on a drive. Also, it can be used with car licence.

4. Make Sure Your Passport has Enough Pages

While this might look obvious to you, but it is one of the important pint that you need to be tick in your list, especially if you are go to travel more than one country. You should have enough of the pages in the passport; this will also come handy while availing a visa. Also, make sure your passport does not expire in the near future. If your passport is about to expire, it’s high time to renew the same.

5. Opt for a Right Visa

You might give a laugh to this point, but trust us, it is extremely important. People are turned back from different countries every day just because they do not have a right visa. If the traveller does not have a proper visa they are returned back from the airport itself and are asked to board next immediate flight. If you do not want to get in the same problem, then ensure you have a right visa.

6. Prebook a Room in Hotel

This is so obvious, yet travellers often forget to book a hotel in a country they are traveling. Once you are sure about the country and place you are traveling, your next task should be to search for best hotels that would fall under your budget. Do not forget to compare the prices of all the hotels and check all the services that is been provided by you. If you do not wish to go through this daunting task, you can simply visit online traveling websites like Goibibo and get the best deals and rooms. Do browse through all the Goibibo Flight coupon code and select the best that suits your requirement.

7. Print Copies of all the Documents

You might have original documents, but it is very important for you to carry the print copies of all the documents including print out of all the reservations that you have made in the foreign country. While you can definitely save all the documents in your smartphone but what if your smart phone does not work or does not have sufficient net balance. To avoid such problems it is always good to  go old school and get 2-3 copies of all the required documents.

8. Update your Mobile Phone Plan

This is one of the important task that you have to work on before leaving for your international trip. Obviously, you would want your smart phone to work, so that you can make calls, send message, access your social media etc. Check out all the latest international plans for talktime, SMS, net etc. Also, make sure you select the plan according to the country where you would be visiting. If need you can apply for a new international SIM card and ensure that it work seamlessly so that you do not have any problem later.

9. Exchange your Currency

Once you have booked your flights tickets and room in the hotel it’s time for currency exchange. Checkout, which currency would be used in the country you are traveling and ensure you have enough of them. In fact you should have extra currency for a rainy day (if there is any). Also, do not forget to keep your credit and debit cards along as you might need them as well.

10. Pack Wisely

You do not have to carry the entire world with you. Check the weather and culture of the place and accordingly pack for yourself. Also, if you are going for a formal trip then ensure you have all the formals. If it is your family trip-pack some casual clothes that you can repeat with one another. Also, do not pack the full size of your cosmetics and toiletries. Carry a smaller and non-breakable bottle of all the products.


An international trip is lifetime experience, so make sure you enjoy it most. In order to make your trip memorable here we have curated a few pointers that you should work upon before leaving for trip. This checklist will help you to prevent most of the chaos and problems. Wish you a happy and safe journey!

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