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A symbol that fully embodies the image of the company and competently fits the brand positioning is called a logo. A small emblem or a small sign is able to sit so tightly in the head of a potential client, provide the audience with confidence in the goods and services provided by the company and make the brand as memorable, recognizable and popular as possible.

Every founder of the company faces a difficult and exhausting task at the very start to create an effective and efficient brand name. A small thing has a huge number of features and functions. The logo can be placed on the company’s products, any advertising paraphernalia and is intended to catch the eye in any way.

The first thing you need to decide is how the logo will look and in what style it should be executed so as not to be in a failure. After all, familiarizing the target audience with the brand through the logo is a really responsible and to some extent risky business. There are several types and styles of logos. For example, there are text or graphic ones. Text logos are perceived better and are one of the most popular types of logos. However, for example, there is also a mixed type, like logo BTS, which in addition to the inscription has an image of two trapezoids. Combined logos also have their advantages and profits.

To study all the fashion trends on the market and get acquainted with the trends of graphic design is not enough to properly create a brand name. Creativity and boundless flight of imagination are undoubtedly useful and enjoyable. Nothing can limit the totality of various ideas, sketches, discoveries and the pouring out of emotions. However, there are some limits and certain limitations in creating a logo, that is, you will not be able to fully realize your creative and unique ideas.

Your goal is to make the logo so that it provides awareness of your products and brand. In the process, it is necessary to take into account and pay attention to the composition, choose a font and a suitable color, and many other parameters. If none of the criteria is missed in the aggregate, you will get an impeccable logo that will be able to function successfully for a long time.

Despite the fact that a logo should clearly and concisely convey a message and a clear meaning for everyone, sometimes a marvelous idea comes in handy to develop an abstract logo. The basis for an abstract logo is a conceptual figure or geometric shape representing the brand in the expression of something abstract. The advantages of such logos are that it will not be difficult and difficult to come up with them. The whole process of creating and developing a brand name design in this case consists only in inventing the construction of a suitable abstract image. Sometimes a little difficulty lies in generalizing the concept of a company or brand, because this meaning needs to be shown in an abstract image, indirectly pointing to the name and mission of the company. With the help of symbols, figures and abstract images, in addition to expressing the essence of the company, the logo should be able to evoke emotions in people.

Despite the relative simplicity of creating an abstract logo, this strategy has a downside. As a result, you may get an unworthy logo design which does not sufficiently reflect the essence of your brand and company. The logo will not only fail to fulfill its immediate and main functions, but will also confuse the audience, since potential buyers simply will not understand the essence of the brand due to the fact the abstract logo could not accurately and correctly reflect it. Even in the process of creation, you need to be as careful and thorough as possible in finding a balance between the seemingly obvious meaning of the company and the abstract form of the logo.

An actually entertaining option is to create a character logo. Especially in cases where the target audience of the company is families or children. A brand can create a logo which appeals to the children’s audience in a sincere and friendly way, thereby winning their trust and the trust of parents. This type of logo is becoming more popular and more in demand. Its main and unique purpose and opportunity are to reduce the distance between the brand and the audience. The character depicted on the logo is designed to please, surprise and delight children. There is no doubt a friendly and cheerful character will be able to interest and fill a person with joy. As a result, you will want to get acquainted with the company and brand which are represented by such a logo. However, behind such friendliness, radiated joy and a pleasant impression there is a difficult, serious and painstaking work.

There are also more pragmatic and simplified types of logos. For example, graphic, text, or logo abbreviations. Among the more interesting there is such a type as a logo-emblem. They look refined, restrained and calm. The design of such a brand name uses a font inside the icon. It resembles a coat of arms or an emblem. A long time ago, such emblems reflected the wisdom and culture of previous generations.

In any case, you can choose any of their existing logos depending on the concept of your business.

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