Choosing Between Carpets, Tiles or Floorboards


A home is as good as the land it stands on and this also means the inside for where we stand as well. You may have picked out the interior walls and ceiling but the floor is also a very important part of the home itself as this can affect the how it will look and feel like when it comes several standards such as cleanliness, comfortability and durability. Here is what you should consider if you are trying to decide whether to pick between room carpet, tile or floorboards.

Advantages of Carpets

When it comes to comfort, carpet tile is usually the choice of many people due to the soft texture and the way that carpets can remain at a neutral temperature. The material that it is made out of will prevent it from being too hot or too cold, making it comfortable for standing on barefooted, sitting down or even lying down. A lot of designs may be chosen where you have your standard coloured carpets or those which have unique designs which makes carpets a good chose when you want to really go for a decorative home.

This material also makes it almost soundproof and you won’t have to worry about any annoying sounds when walking or moving objects such as light furniture or furniture with wheels. Since carpets are soft its less likely that injury will occur and objects are less likely to break in the event of any accidents.

Disadvantages of Carpets

Carpets do come with a downside as a simple spill of the wrong drink or chemical may cause permanent effects or damage which may be impossible sometimes to remove. More effort may be needed for maintenance as carpets are susceptible to dust, smaller insects and even mould if not maintained properly.

You will need to use a vacuum regularly to clean your carpet properly and even need to use a special brush for cleaning what the vacuum can’t handle. A carpet that is not properly clean can cause health risks such as sneezing, allergies, asthma and more.

Advantages of Tiles

Tiles are simple and very easy to clean which requires less equipment other than your standard mop or cloth making it an easy task to maintain them. They come in different designs including plain colours to detailed patterns and are common among many households not only because of the simplicity of being kept clean but they are also durable and can withstand years without breaking.

Tiles are installed differently and can be replaced since they are installed tile per tile and if one or a few are unfortunate enough to be damaged for some reason, they can be replaced with a new one. Health risks are not that high as tiles may be easily cleaned and there are products which can keep them clean of germs as well as in good condition.

Disadvantage of Tiles

Although tiles are durable, there is still a tendency that a great impact could cause a crack in one of them or more which would need replacing to make sure others don’t end up the same way. Tiles may be durable but the material they are made out of makes it easier for them to absorb temperature which could cause places with cold weather or the use of air conditioning units to have cold tiles which may be uncomfortable for some people.

Being made from hard material, tiles may be painful to walk on when standing to long and may be more dangerous if an accident occurred, especially when there are little children around as slipping is possible and any kind accident involving a person or object dropping to the floor could lead to injury or an object breaking.

Advantage of Floorboards

Floorboards are good for both classical and modern designed homes as they go well with a lot of designs regardless mainly being limited in design. Being made of hardwood, floorboards can last for a very long time and in the event that one gets damaged, it can easily be replaced. Cleaning floorboards does not take too much effort as simply sweeping it will do the trick and for extra maintenance it some sandpaper and wax will make it good as new which usually lasts months before it needs to be refinished. A well-built home with floorboards has a good value due to its high demand and its durability as this makes the home not only easy to clean but also easy to maintain when fixes are needed.

Disadvantages of Floorboards

While floorboards may be durable they still can get scratched easily by even the simplest of ways such as moving heavy object, furniture with weals and even by pets. Floorboards are known to not be one of the quietest features of home as simple steps can be louder as well as anything that is dragged or moved across the floor. Due to these reasons to avoid noise and damage to the floorboards, you usually need to lift heavier objects or place a mat or rug.

There are a lot of different things to consider when choosing between carpets, tiles or floorboards which of course are comfortability and how it looks but keep in mind that there are other things as well. The weather in your area may affect which one you choose as carpets may be more suitable for cold weather and floorboards for places that get too hot. It is important to keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of each before choosing as these usually last a long time and you should be ready for the maintenance as well as the indoor environment they will create. BuyMelbourneApartments notes you need to be careful with placing floorboards in apartments however as this can cause significant noise issues with neighbouring apartments. Be sure to check your apartments strata laws to ensure your flooring complies with the regulations.

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