Choosing The Best Anime Keycaps For Your Gaming Set-Up


Are you looking to take your gaming setup to the next level? Adding anime keycaps to your keyboard can be an easy and enjoyable way to spruce up your gaming experience. With so many different designs and materials to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide on the best keycaps for your gaming setup. But don’t worry! This guide will give you all the information you need to choose the perfect anime keycaps for your gaming set-up. From the various materials to the various styles, this guide will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision and introduce you to the world of mechanical keycaps.

Types of Materials for Anime Keycaps

There are a wide variety of materials used in the production of anime keycaps. To make sure you find the best keycaps for your gaming set-up, it is important to know the different materials so that you can select the keycaps that are the best fit for your needs.

Metal – They aren’t super common but if you’re looking for a durable, high-quality keycap, metal keycaps are a great choice. They are made from a combination of aluminium and brass, which means they are extremely durable and very long-lasting. However, they are also the most expensive option.

Resin – Resin is a common material for keycaps and is another high-quality option. It is a durable, long-lasting material that is resistant to wear and tear. Most anime-style keycaps will use resin in order to mould the characters or design onto the keycap.

PBT – PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) keycaps are a less expensive, but still a high-quality option. They are made from durable, long-lasting plastic that is resistant to wear and tear. Because PBT is primarily used for the keycap itself most decorative keycaps will have a design mounted on top of a good-quality keycap.

POM – POM keycaps are made from flexible, durable plastic. They are a good option if you are looking for a less expensive keycap but may not be as tough as the others.

Different Styles of Anime Keycaps

When it comes to the kinds of anime keycaps on the market there are only a few to choose from. There are resin-moulded keycaps which primarily consist of a character or intricate design sculpted on top of a PBT keycap. A good example are these Gengar keycaps which have a Pokemon mounted on top of a PBT keycap for a really cool effect.

Others to be aware of are printed keycaps. These keycaps will use a sublimation dye in order to paint artwork onto the different sides of the keycap. They can be sold individually or as part of a package that when placed on the keyboard together, form a beautiful piece of artwork. A great example are these Genshin Impact keycaps that come together to create designs of different characters across the keyboard.

How to Choose the Best Keycaps for Your Set-Up

When selecting keycaps for your gaming setup, it is important to choose keycaps that will suit the look of your setup. There are a variety of things to keep in mind when selecting keycaps, including the colour, design, and key profile.

Colour – It is essential to select keycaps that match the colour scheme of your gaming set-up. You can select keycaps in a variety of colours, including red, blue, white, black, and many more.

Design – You can also choose keycaps that feature a design that complements the overall look of your gaming set-up. There are a variety of designs to choose from, including simple, chase, and more.

Key Profile – Selecting keycaps with the correct key profile is crucial not only for aesthetic reasons but also for practical reasons. You want to make sure that the keycaps you choose fit the key profile of your keyboard.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Keycaps

When selecting anime keycaps for your gaming set-up, there are a variety of factors you should keep in mind to make sure you choose keycaps that will suit your gaming set-up and meet your needs.

Price – The first thing to consider is the price of the keycaps. You can find keycaps at various price points, making it easy to find the best keycaps for your gaming set-up.

Durability – Next, it is important to consider the durability of the keycaps. You want to select keycaps that will last for a long time and resist wear and tear.

Key Profile – Next, you want to make sure that the keycaps you choose have the correct key profile to fit your keyboard. Gaming keyboards these days typically use Cherry or OEM profile keycaps but there are always exceptions. Hence we suggest that you check compatibility before making any purchases.

Tips for Maintenance and Cleaning

Let’s take a look at how you can best maintain and clean your anime keycaps. Metal – Cleaning and maintaining metal keycaps is easy and can be done with warm water and mild detergent. Using something highly concentrated can remove paint or dye used to make the design.

Resin – Cleaning and maintaining resin keycaps is easy. You can clean them with warm water. Or simply brush them with a soft bristle brush. You want to avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasive surfaces to clean your resin keycaps. Doing so can damage the paint and scratch the keys.

PBT & POM – Again, warm water and a soft brush will be fine to clean either of these. These plastics tend to be very oil resistant so using detergents isn’t super necessary to get rid of the natural oils that rub off onto your keys.


Anime fans are among some of the most loyal and die-hard of any community. So having a way to customise their gaming setups is a no-brainer. Now that you have a better idea of what you’re doing. Go out there and get em!

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