Choosing the Best Painters in St. Petersburg, FL


Painting a home is a project that no one should take lightly, this is because it can either give your house the desired facelift or devalue it.  Some people feel that house painting is something that anyone with resolve can do, but the truth is that there will always be a difference between amateur DIY and professionals.

Unless you are a professional or a skilled amateur, it is advised that you hire a professional painter to handle your painting project; especially major projects such as fresh paint job for new constructions. This now brings us to the issue of choosing the right person(s) for the job.  Meanwhile you can check out this article for some DIY tips if you want to try out the painting job yourself.

Due to the proliferation of contractors and businesses in this industry, one may have some difficulties making the right choice.  In this article therefore, we will share some tips that will help you make an informed choice.

How to Choose the Best Painter for your Home

If you live in St. Petersburg, FL, or its environs, you sure know that there are a good number of painters in the region. As expected everyone in business will claim professionalism and efficiency amongst other business good practises. But the onus now lies with the consumer to ensure that these claims are valid.

The following are tips to help you make the right choice of the best painter to use in St Petersburg, FL. Note that these tips will also come in handy for people who live anywhere in the world.

Get Recommendation

One of the easiest way of finding the best contractor or workman for your project is by asking around for recommendation. You live in a neighbourhood and one or more of your neighbours must have painted their house at one point or the other.  You also have friends and family who have friends and family also.

You can talk to all these people to get recommendations from any of them that have carried out a painting project or know someone who has. You can ask them the following questions:-

  1. How professional was the painter?  Do they know how to pick the right paint color?
  2. Did they exhibit adequate knowledge about the job?
  3. Did you have any problems in the course of the project and how did they handle it (them)?
  4. How much did you spend on the project?
  5. What was the extent of the job (exterior and interior)?
  6. How timely was the contractor?
  7. Would you work with them again and/or recommend them?

To make this search for recommendation easier for you, you can make a list of people you know who may be in position to recommend someone for the job.

Search Online

Another thing you can do if you don’t get credible recommendation from friends and family is to go online. All you need to do is type in ‘painting contractors near me’

Check out the websites of the search results on the first page; that’s most likely where you will get the best business for your project. Do not forget to read customer reviews on the websites. These reviews will give you a good idea of the quality of service to expect from them.

Check for Experience

In the process of narrowing down your options, one thing that will help you is to look at the years of experience of the company. You can find out everything you need to know about how long they have been in business and how well they know the business.

Another way you can check experience is by looking at the listing of the companies on platforms such as Better Business Bureau. A company that is rated ‘A’ on any independent business review platform would deliver top quality service.

The longer a company has been in business, the more likely that they are doing something right. This is because customers will not keep patronizing a business that does shoddy jobs. So longevity connotes trust and loyalty from customers.

More so, the length of years adds up to the experience that the workers would have garnered in the course of working in the industry. They would also have developed a lot of hacks to solve all kinds of issues that come up in the course of executing projects.

Ensure the Contractor has Insurance and License to Operate

While looking through the options that you have narrowed down your search to, it is very important to check for insurance and license. Do not just take their word for it; ensure that you ask to see proof of the license and insurance. This will protect you should anything happen in the course of the project.

The license must be up to date and the insurance must cover workers’ compensation and general liability.  The workers’ compensation insurance will ensure that everyone who works on your project is dully covered in case of injury in the line of duty. The general liability on the other hand protects you in case there is any damage to your property in the course of the project.


The above tips shared are just a few of the things that will help you make the right choice. There are some other things you should do such as looking at the portfolio of the company, comparing prices to be sure you are getting a competitive price and looking out for the type of materials and products that will be used.

All these tips will help you make an informed choice and get value for your money so bear them in mind going forward.

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