Choosing the Right Arabesque Tile to Complete Your Home Palace Look


Patterned arabesque tiles are making their way back into the interior decoration in a humongous way. However, note that this style is coming back into style. Although quite trendy together and sought after, they aren’t new. This style has a rich history that dates back thousands of years from the Asia Minor regions created by Hellenistic artisans.

All About Arabesque Style

Arabesque style artistry consists of surface decorations-based patterns that use the techniques – scrolling and interlacing alongside other elements. Most arabesque design uses the key elements of eternal spiral, symmetry, and structure. It seeks to form rhythm and balance, pushing the design to the foreground and keeping a plain background.

Originally, the arabesque style designs emerged in floral or vegetative patterns and were part of the Islamic world, according to Islam’s principles. They are highly ornamental in style, elevating the look of the walls they cover. These designs, however, had notable influences from Chinese and Byzantian arts. Today, these picturesque, ornamental styles that have an air of ethereal but minimal style are becoming part of our everyday lifestyle and being incorporated in designing interiors of homes and hotel rooms. Yes, this ultra-traditional decor style is now making its contemporary rendition in the world of homes.

Here are a few arabesque tiles that you might want to invest in

1. Glass Arabesque Tile

Adding Glass Arabesque tile backsplash tiles sets apart any room. If your room’s theme is to achieve a wet waterfall effect, then these gorgeous April shower silver glass arabesque tiles can add a grandeur look to your homes. They are also ideal for use in the bathrooms and hamam’s. The vapor from the sauna or the hot shower water splashed on the bathroom walls will add to the bathroom’s watery effect. Using these glass arabesque tiles in bathrooms or sauna rooms also ensures that as a result of their use they will protect your walls from water damage while making it look so stunning in its lifespan. Turn your bathroom into a Turkish bath & Hamam room by installing these glass arabesque tiles. For the best effect, use these tiles in a neutral and natural stain rather than a color kind.

2. Moroccan Arabesque Tile

Moroccan Arabesque tiles with ecru color pattern gives depth and dimension to design. Its intricate design transforms rooms into an eclectic aesthetic. These backsplash tiles are best displayed in the living room space, as they add so much character and personality to the room. Your room will look like a place and be, and using these tiles as a feature on one of the main walls in the living room, will make the room feel like a traditional yet contemporary palace. Going for Moroccan arabesque tiles that have thicker grout lines or embossed and raised patterns, with a glossy sheen in a kitchen, can give the kitchen a traditional look. It looks special without overwhelming the design of the room.

3. Arabesque Mosaic Tile

If you are opting for a design choice that is not of a minimal aesthetic, and prefer designs with more color options, then choosing arabesque mosaic tiles in the mood most suitable to you is an option most top-quality backsplash tile sellers avail. Dark and moody hues tend to add an air of mystery into rooms. In fact, icy-blue toned arabesque mosaic tiles in glossy and matte effect create a relaxing feeling in bathrooms and kitchen areas. These ties are especially crack and break-resistant and require very low maintenance for its upkeep.

Feel free to go over catalogs of top tile shops and narrow down your choice on the basis of your budget, durability, the make, colors, finish, installation techniques and charges, maintenance type, and size availability. With these additions, your home will be transformed into a palace in a matter of few changes in tile installations.

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