Choosing the Right Bounce House Rental Company


Whether you are trying to organize your children’s party, planning your party, or maybe looking at having a community carnival, a sure way to add fun is to add some slides, bounce houses, or other inflatables. If you have chosen to chart this path, your first thought should be to contact an excellent bounce house rental company. Bouncing On Air is one of the enormous Inflatables and inflatable games bounce house rental near me companies in Nj. We rent bounce houses, jumpers, combos, and slides for all types of events.

You know to have some top-notch inflatables then you should rent them from a reputable bounce house rental company but the issue is knowing which company is the right one for you.  If you often organize parties, you can also consider bounce house purchase. For a better and safer experience, check out the following tips on how you can choose the right bounce house Rental Company to work with.

Factors To Consider To Enable You To Pick The Right Bounce House Rental Company

Consider Safety For The Users

You will not want to put your guest’s safety at risk, so go for a bounce house rental company that can show you information about their insurance policies. This will enable you to know that users of the bounce house will be safe. As part of keeping your guests safe, it is recommended that you also ensure that the Bounce house rental company has clean inflatables for health reasons. Bacteria can be harmful to people just like injuries, so choose a company like Xtreme Jumpers and Slides whose safety checks are top-notch and equipment are well maintained to avoid injuries and even lawsuits in some cases.

Meet The Needs Of Your Guests

Go for a Bounce house Rental Company that caters to the needs of a particular kind of guest you will be hosting. Go for a company that has a bounce house or other inflatables that can meet the needs of each age-range of your guests. A bounce house for kids might not be appropriate for older kids. So, you need to work with one that offers a wide range of bounce house rentals to get the best of their services.

The Pricing Should Be Transparent Enough

Pricing is a big determinant factor when it comes to choosing the right Bounce house rental company, it is always good to go for an affordable company but their quality isn’t compromised. The truth is that high cost doesn’t necessarily mean high quality, so avoid a riff-out from some companies. Do good research about the Bounce house rental company of your choice and be sure their price range is good enough and you will get a good service delivery for your money.

The Bounce House Rental Company Is Insured

Go for a Bounce house rental company that has liability insurance, even with companies that rent out bounce houses, water slides, obstacle courses, and other inflatables, a good one should have an insurance policy in place. Though these inflatables can be quite safe when operated correctly but accidents and injuries can’t be completely ruled out, especially where children are involved.

So the good thing with having insurance in place is that whenever anyone gets injured or hurt in the process of using an inflatable attraction, the Bounce house rental company’s insurance will cover medical bills and other damages for you or else the financial burden will be on you the celebrant if anything goes wrong.

Find Out Their Weather Policy

You can never predict the weather for the day you will be hosting your party, so you need to factor in weather conditions for that day. Even though inflatables are safe but it’s not wise to use them in certain weather conditions. The bounce houses can be very slippery in the rain and this will be dangerous for users. So ask to find out from your Bounce house rental company if they still set up in such weather conditions or there will be cancellation? If they still set up, then it would not be right working with them. A good Bounce house rental company in such cases will offer refunds or weather-related cancellation credit than setting up and exposing guests to harsh weather.

A Bounce House Rental Company With Good Reviews

This is why doing good research about a Bounce house rental company before settling for them is very important. A serious Bounce house rental company would have some information about them on the internet or their social media pages. Check to see what others complained about them, how did they respond and has that same complaint been reported by another user. The answers will help you choose the right vendor.


With these tips listed above, you should be confident that you would be choosing the right Bounce house rental company after using them. There are tested and trusted hints or tips and I’m sure you would be glad you had used them.

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