Choosing The Right Model Scanner For The Right Job

Document imaging is a critical component of today’s business workflows. The key to making it for you is selecting the right computer scanner for the job. In this short guide, you’ll learn about several scanners from Fujitsu that deliver high-quality results and ultimate value.

High Volume Scanning

Increasing scanning speed can benefit business workflows, but scanners must also capture data as completely and accurately as possible. Fujitsu’s fi-7600 document scanner achieves both goals while offering other features to improve efficiency.

The fi-7600: Fast and Accuracy Scanning

The fi-7600 is one of the fastest and most powerful scanners in existence. Outfitted with a 300-page automatic document feeder, it can scan up to 100 pages per minute and supports an expected daily volume of 44,000 sheets. Paper protection features such as Intelligent Sonic Paper Processing and image monitoring detect paper distance and feeding sound irregularities, halting a scan job so you can reposition the paper and avoid paper jams. Multi-Feed Detection discovers overlapping pages to prevent jams, missing data captures and misfeeds.

Because accuracy remains critical in any scanning process, Fujitsu integrates its Clear Image Capture technology into the fi-7600. CIC uses up to 4,900 levels of color detection to produce the crispest and most complete digital images possible. Besides reducing color shifting and line distortion, CIC also improves the accuracy of Optical Character Recognition.

The fi-8710: Speed With Flexibility

Every office environment has unique needs. As part of the fi series of scanners, Fujitsu’s fi-8170 offers speed, accuracy and flexibility. Capable of scanning up to 10,000 sheets per day, the 8170 scans up to 70 pages per minute and comes with a 100-sheet ADF. It’s also equipped with the same paper protection features as the 7600, including Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection and Multi-Feed Detection. Clear Image Capture technology helps deliver the same accuracy. Together, these features make scanning faster while saving time by minimizing jams and data capture errors. As a bonus, the 8710 is also USB- and Ethernet-connectable.

Production Scale Scanning Jobs

Volume isn’t the only key in choosing a duplex scanner. You must also balance your needs and budget. Fortunately, Fujitsu offers several smaller-scale scanners perfect for remote workers and home office users in both its fi and ScanSnap series models.

The fi-800R: Compact and Versatile

Part of the fi series machines, the fi-800R delivers powerful scanning capabilities while occupying a mere corner of your desktop. It comes with a 20-page ADF plus a U-turn duplex feature and features like Automatic Skew Correction to improve accuracy and reduce jamming. The fi-800R scans up to 40 ppm, comes with both integrated TWAIN and ISIS drivers and measures 11.6 inches wide by 4.1 inches deep.

The ScanSnap ix-1400: One-Touch Scanning

The ScanSnap iX-1400 combines several core features to make scanning faster in small offices. Automatic file creation plus one-button scanning lets you digitize documents in Microsoft Office, searchable PDF and JPG formats with accessible controls on the scanner’s front panel. It supports both duplex and manual feed, capable of scanning standard and A4 sheets plus photos and ID cards.

Powerful and Affordable

Fujitsu offers robust and economic scanning solutions for every environment. With so many options available, you can choose an ideal solution for your office.