Choosing the right style of windows: double-hung option key features


When starting the project in replacing windows, double-hung options can be your solution to better ventilation, higher energy-efficiency, and simplified cleaning of window units. However, selecting this type, you should be aware of its key characteristics and benefits you can obtain. But more importantly, you have to wisely choose the contractor who can competently commit the installation project without drawbacks, as poor job quality can lead to lots of unpleasant consequences. Also, you have to decide on your needs, analyze window opening features, and make sure that double-hung windows will satisfy them.

What is a double-hung window style?

If you want a structure with two easily movable sashes for excellent air circulation of your windows, double-hung designs will be a smart pick. Manufacturers of this window type take care of the satisfaction of the boldest and most sophisticated expectations in terms of design beauty, functionality, and perfect ventilation while ensuring flexibility in maintenance. If you strive to add more elegancy and aesthetic components, you can invest in the construction that has lower and upper sashes which you can open from the bottom or the top.

Pros and cons of two common types of windows: double-hung vs single-hung

When comparing available styles of windows, double-hung vs. single-hung analysis is the most popular topic discussed by homeowners who strive to upgrade their exterior. Here are three top reasons why most homeowners pick a unit with two operable sashes:

  • hassle-free cleaning;
  • simplified and quick installation;
  • the versatility of style that fits in almost every house;
  • fast washing from the inside.

Moreover, high-quality materials and proficient installation ensure noise reduction, protection of the comfort, lowering heating and cooling bills due to outstanding energy performance. Comparing with immovable and less flexible single-hung windows, double-hung models are more customized and can drastically improve the curb appeal. But to be sure your choice will have the highest return on investment, delivering all benefits, you need to avoid bad installation from incompetent experts. Otherwise, you will experience poor window performance.

Results of poor installation

Disregard for the norms and standards for the installation of windows leads to gaps and cracks formation that cause the syndrome of drafty windows, and, as a result, you will get crazy heat loss with an increase in your energy bills. Also, poor window mounting can be the main reason for fungus and mold spreading around the unit and on the walls, as well as for the formation of condensation and fog on the panes. It can harm not only your bills and comfort. It is also quite dangerous for your health. Moreover, the failure of the locking system can affect the functionality of the window.

Sadly, mistakes in renovations most often occur due to the hasty and neglecting approach. Dishonest and inexperienced installers may skip important steps just to get the job done quickly. To be sure that your investment will pay off, choosing the right company is of paramount importance. Thus, consider the Best Exteriors team that will take care of superb quality and your satisfaction in order to build a long-term trusting relationship.


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