Choosing Your Accessories, Here Are The Overlooked Ones You Should Consider


An accessory may be the difference between looking good and looking great! However, when it comes to choosing and using accessories, many men have limited themselves to the most popular options out there.

The result? Most of them look the same. Now, if you want to have a great appearance without looking like every other man who wants to achieve the same, you should consider accessorizing with some unpopular but classy items. Unsure about what to look out for? No worries. Here are my top five picks.

1. A Modish Hat

Hats are highly fashionable items. They make men look super attractive especially when they are worn stylishly to reveal their manly haircut hidden under the hat. Some men use this accessory because they are not proud of their haircuts; especially, after being disappointed by their barbers. But there is absolutely no reason to hide your hair when wearing your hats.

With the right hair clipper, grooming your hair to suit the hat of your choice can be a walk in the park. If you’re unsure how to go about it, this review of the best and easy to use clippers in 2021 by is a good place to find great ideas.

Do you want to look funky, professional, upbeat or suave? There is a suitable hat to help make your fashion statement. Stop limiting your hats to cover horrible haircuts. After getting your top-quality clipper, learn some DIY haircuts. Flaunt your haircuts and make a fashion statement with your hats!

a modish hat

2. Bow Ties

There’s something about bow ties and confidence. Maybe because these accessories bring attention to the wearer compared to every other “tie guy” around.

If you’re aiming to make an unforgettable impression, you should seriously consider accessorizing with a bow tie. For some reason, some men view bow ties as a risk that is not worth taking. So, by just wearing one, you make yourself stand out among others.


3. A Nice Leather Wallet

Many men have wallets, but few see it as a part of their dressing, and that’s why they rarely pay attention to it. Your wallet can enhance your image and appearance. It could also make your wardrobe look great.

This is apart from the fact that wallets often contain all your basic identification documents. You can select from different types of wallets like bifold wallet, trifold wallet, credit card wallet, slim wallet, belt wallet, minimalist wallet and cell phone wallet.

4. A Warm Scarf

Are you among the men who think a scarf is for women only? If so, then you’ve been missing out on a quick route to a unique and stylish look. Investing in a premium quality scarf is enough to change the ambience of your wardrobe for the better.

When it’s winter, your scarf can also help you to keep warm. You can also wear your scarf with a sturdy jacket or a pea coat. Just don’t be that guy who pairs or wears a big scarf with a T-shirt.

5. Contemporary Bracelets

Aiming for a casual or formal style? Then complement your look with a bracelet. One amazing thing about this accessory is how it instantly improves your outlook. One minute, you’re invincible, and the next, you’re the eye candy for the ladies in the room. Moreover, men have been wearing bracelets for centuries, and that’s not about to change.


As a gentleman, you probably already have the popular accessories like watches, socks, belts and sunglasses. If you can make the effort to upgrade your wardrobe with these accessories, there’s no style or outlook that you won’t be able to elegantly pull off. Remember, a man’s wardrobe makes the man. If you don’t want to be seen as predictable, start with sprucing up your appearance through different and uncommon accessories.

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