Choosing Your First Pet Fish Matters – Here’s Why

Are you considering getting some fish to keep as pets in your home? Perhaps you are a parent who is considering getting a fish for their child? Or maybe you would like to give a fish as a gift to a friend or family member who has expressed the desire to become a fish owner? Whatever your reasons, there are some things that you should keep in mind when choosing your first pet fish.  You can check out cichlidtips as they are very colorful species and found mostly in Africa. 

Contained in this article are a few important considerations that you should keep in mind when exploring your options for your first fish. 

Fish types

There is a huge variety of fish that are available to be your first fish. It is recommended that you start with something relatively easy, inexpensive, and small as this will be the most manageable. One easy starter fish is the betta fish, which are easy and inexpensive, but still looks amazing and are enjoyable to watch as they are fairly active fish. Classic easy starter fish include goldfishes, koi fish, and many others. You have to be extremely careful when picking a fish and aware of how much they will grow in the future. Take this into consideration, along with their behavior and respective diets. 

Type of tank

Another important thing to consider when picking your first pet fish is the type of habitat it will require. Depending on the type of fish you get they can have wildly different habitat requirements, which might cost extra money, or require you to get a specific type of tank. Some fish keepers might choose certain fish to match a specific habitat because they might help clean the tank, or contribute something else to the ecosystem of your aquarium. There is a huge variety of tanks and fish keeping setups that are at your disposal when considering what you would like for your first fish. Tanks can range in size from a tiny bowl to a massive aquarium bigger than the room you are reading this in. If you happen to already have a tank awaiting new residents, looking to get a new fish may require you to adjust its current conditions. The betta fish, for example, are known to be very territorial and will most likely treat newcomers lightly. There is a huge range of prices on fish tanks, and sometimes you may even find used ones online. There is no reason to waste time researching a topic that fish keepers have already perfected and compiled online for you to use. Try to do as much research as you can and you will be saving yourself a lot of time. 

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Equipment requirements

Another important consideration you should keep in mind when choosing your starter fish is the type of equipment that it will require in order to survive in a tank. Some equipment for things like saltwater tanks can be incredibly expensive, and sometimes difficult to maintain. For this reason, make sure you carefully check what type of tank and habitat your new fish will need in order to get a realistic picture of the costs and efforts involved. 

Tank decor

When choosing a new fish you should also consider the type of tank decor that will be appropriate for your new pet. Choosing accessories is also crucial as they can either help promote or be hazardous to your fish’s health. Certain fish will thrive with specific tank decor, while others may react negatively to certain decor. For example, if you have a beta fish it is not recommended to have a mirror in the tank as it will agitate the fish. 


The type of food that your first fish requires is another important thing to consider when making the initial purchase. Some exotic fish have incredibly expensive diets and you will have to pay large sums of money to feed them. Other types of fish eat very cheap foods, so these ones might be better options to consider as a beginner fish. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you recognize the things that you should keep in mind when purchasing your first fish. Your first fish experience should be one that is enjoyable and memorable. By considering different aspects like the type of fish you would like, the amount of money and space you have for a tank, the amount of fish you would like to have, and other variables mentioned in this article, you will be well on your way to buying the fish that is the perfect fit for you! Happy fish keeping and enjoy your new friend.