Choosing your glasses on the internet: a good idea?


The invasion of e-shopping has not spared optics. It is now possible to order cat eye glasses directly online, from the biggest brands at the lowest prices, with correction and prescription… online opticians, genius idea or banal trap?

The development of information and communication technologies has considerably changed the way we live on a daily basis. The revolution born of this change, or rather this evolution, manifests itself even through our most banal habits. This is the example of the races or purchases that we can now do from our sofa. E-commerce has been booming for several years. Thus, shopping on the Internet like on the Lensmart site becomes easier and more convenient for millions of consumers. There is no doubt that this is due to the multiple advantages of buying online.

Why choose eyeglasses on the Internet?

If the internet offers an advantage, its price…and the difference is worth a look. Selling eyeglasses online, splitting the costs, offers up to 40% savings on the total price of eyewear! And this, without a mandatory drop in quality, the savings being made on the reduction in costs resulting from the absence of a shop. As for the quality? It can be equivalent, depending on the brands and websites. Some sites even allow you to customize the glasses.

Eyeglasses on the Internet, what are the risks?

The main weakness of internet shopping is the same for all products sold online: the lack of advice. In the case of eyeglasses, this shortcoming can however have much more embarrassing consequences, the final adjustment being absent! When buying in an optical store, you try on a frame, order your glasses, and then try them on again on delivery. The glasses are then adjusted to adapt perfectly to your nose, the shape of your face or your desire for comfort.

When buying on the Internet, on the other hand, the only measurement taken into account, in addition to the correction, is the pupillary distance indicated on the prescription by the ophthalmologist. In other words, the measurement between your two pupils for well-centered lenses. Worse? A choice by interposed screen does not tell you about the quality of the lenses or the quality of the assembly, even less about the comfort or the fit of the glasses. A high risk of error, therefore, and a purchase without guarantees!

Buying eyeglasses on the Internet, for whom?

Buying eyeglasses on the Internet can be a real asset, under certain conditions. In summary, if you are demanding about the comfort of your glasses, need a complex correction, progressive lenses, or do not know which style of glasses to choose, it is better to take advantage of the advice of an optician in store. If, on the other hand, you want to buy the exact same pair of glasses again, look for a spare pair or only wear your glasses to drive, the price is worth the risk!

How to buy your glasses on the Internet safely?

If you choose the Internet for your rim glasses for example, preferably select a site domiciled in our country, approved by Health Insurance, or a chain of reputable opticians. In this case, it is even possible to go and try it on in the store before surfing the Internet! Take care to check the general conditions of sale: you must be able to reach the seller in the event of a problem. Also check the possibilities of returning or even sending the frames beforehand to try them on at home. Finally, make sure that the brand and range of lenses are clearly indicated, both on the site and on the quote.

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