Christmas Vacation I’m Planning for Me and My Wife


This December, my wife and I will have been married for 25 years! It’s a huge milestone—a quarter of a century together—so we’re going to do something special and book a Christmas trip to a luxury resort.

Now that our kids are in college, we’ve been able to save up a pretty penny, and have more than enough to make this little dream of ours into a reality. It’ll be worth every cent, especially if this is to be a vacation that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives!

Taking Her Out to a High-Class Dinner

The resort, while gorgeous, isn’t what will make the trip: it’s the things we’re going to do together.

One of our stops includes a fancy 5-star restaurant. I was quite lucky to score a reservation; apparently, the place was almost completely booked for the week, but they managed to squeeze us in for our special day!

I already know that I’m going to buy the most prestigious bottle of champagne so we can celebrate both our love and the holiday. My wife deserves to be pampered; thankfully, now that I’ve solidified my retirement plan, I have a surplus of cash that we’ll be able to spend on all kinds of vacations until we’re 100 years old!

Getting Her a Spa Day

My wife has always had a tough career. She alternates between running back and forth and sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time, which has taken a toll on her back and joints. What, then, would be better for her than an entire day at the spa?

I want her to feel as comfortable as she ever has, which is why I specifically booked a room at a resort that has a wellness center with impressive Yelp reviews. She deserves the best treatment. Maybe I can join her, too—that is, if she’ll let me!

My Biggest Surprise of the Stay

To be fair, this isn’t exactly a surprise, since I’ve already cleared it with her, but her face still lit up when I pitched the idea!

For some time, my wife has been talking about facelifts. She wants to look youthful for as long as possible but has never done anything to combat her obvious aging. Lately, all of this aging talk has rubbed off on me, and I’ve been thinking about getting a facelift, too. At first, I was unsure of how it would turn out, since most people who undergo cosmetic surgery are women, but after some research, I’ve learned that there are a lot of surgeons who specialize in male facial rejuvenation. Better yet, there’s one near where we’re staying!

My wife seemed shocked at first, but quickly realized how great of an opportunity this will be. I can’t wait to look completely refreshed. I’m especially excited to see her results!

Shopping Spree for Some Early Presents

Although Christmas is just around the corner, I want to take my wife shopping. There’s an enormous mall just a few minutes away from the resort with a list of items that she has been wanting. So, why wait until Christmas when I can just buy her gifts on the spot? It’s such a special year for us—I might as well go overboard!

Taking a Romantic Walk Around Town

Sometimes, it’s best to keep things simple, especially when you’ve been spending a lot of money. That’s why I’m going to take my wife on a nice walk around the town. It’s a place we’ve never been to before, and I think she’d enjoy the sights.

Apparently, there’s a big park with a 50-foot-tall tree. The locals decorate it with all kinds of beautiful lights; as people who have always loved Christmas colors, this will be a special treat.

Afterward, we might stop by a café and enjoy the warmth with some hot cocoa and coffee. Oh, the smiles and laughs we’ll share!


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