Classic Rock Profiles: The Human Beinz – “Nobody But Me”


The Human Beinz – a short introduction

The Human Beinz are a 1960s American rock and roll band hailing from Ohio. Originally calling themselves the Premiers, they changed their name into The Human Beingz (with a “g”) to fit into the growing musical trends in the 1960s. They were signed to Capitol Records in 1967; the label mispelled the band’s name, omitting the “g.” The band’s first single “Nobody But Me” became a Top 10 hit in that year, but the follow-up “Turn On Your Love Light” became a minor hit the following year. Their records were big in Japan though, and they played a few dates there. Despite this, the Human Beinz called it quits in 1969. Markulin and the band’s new lineup are now mostly performing for the oldies circuit at select places in the northeast.

Nobody But Me” – the band’s only major hit

Turning professional in 1967, the group got signed to Capitol Records. The label released their early records with a misspelling of their name, omitting the “g.” Capitol informed the band that it would correct the spelling if their debut single didn’t do well enough on the charts.

That debut single was the band’s cover of the Isley Brother’s “Nobody But Me.” It became successful at the Billboard Top 20, charting at #8 in 1967. The single’s remarkable achievement meant that Capitol wouldn’t correct the spelling of the band’s name, so it remained the Human Beinz.

“Nobody But Me” was the title track of the Human Beinz’s debut album, which peaked at #65 on the Billboard 200 album chart in 1967.

The Human Beinz’s split and re-formation

The Human Beinz’s next single was another cover, this time of a Bobby Bland hit “Turn On Your Love Light,” released in 1967. It didn’t fare well as the first single did, peaking at only #80 on the Billboard Hot 100. But in Japan it was a huge smash, reaching #1 there.

The Human Beinz wanted to prove that they can write and play their own songs through their next recordings. Unfortunately though, they didn’t do anything for them, and the band ultimately split in 1969. But due to their contract commitments, they embarked on a tour in Japan.

Due to a renewed interest in their music, the Human Beinz re-formed in 2007. The current lineup features original member Markulin and newer members: Gene Szegedi, Sal Crisafi, Ed McCarthy, Rick White and Mike Cerra. They have been still active in performing, as well as recording new material as well as mixing 1960s cover songs.

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