Classic TV sitcoms – The Andy Griffith Show


The Andy Griffith Show – one of the best-loved TV shows of all time

The 1960’s American sitcom, The Andy Griffith show, is one of the most loved TV shows that has ever aired. This famous TV series was produced by Sheldon Leonard, the producer of the also famous TV show, The Danny Thomas Show.Although the Danny Thomas Enterprise were the production company of the show, Andy Griffith was able to get himself a half-ownership of the show, when he landed the role of Sheriff Andy Taylor.

The Andy Griffith show, stars Andy Griffith, who plays Andy Taylor, a widowed sheriff, who has a young and mischievous son named Opie. They live in a small and quiet town in North Carolina, named Mayberry, with Andy’s Aunt Bee, who is also their housekeeper. Sherriff Andy Taylor is a level-headed, leader in the town of Mayberry and is looked up too by many of his peers. Most of his time as Sherriff is spent foiling the many illegal business of local moonshiners, and criminals both inside and outside of the town.

His deputy, the amusing Barney Fife, often tags along, and attempts to help Andy, however more often than not, Barney causes more trouble without meaning too, causing even more work for Andy. When Andy Taylor is off duty, he often spends time fishing with his young son Opie, or hanging around at the local barbershop with his friends around town. The Andy Griffith Show’s main plot, surrounds the many adventures of Andy Taylor and his deputy.

During the first season of the show, Andy Griffith portrayed his character as a trivial “country bump-kin”, resembling characters from Griffith’s previous movies. However, as the TV show progressed, Andy Griffith decided to begin portraying his character, the sheriff, as a more serious and sensible character, who can be looked up to by the town. This change in the character, later proved to be a great improvement.

Something that many people don’t know about the cast of The Andy Griffith Show, is that they were not always one big happy family. For the most part, they got along, however, according to many sources, Frances Bavier, the actress who played the role of Aunt Bee, was very aggravating. In fact, it has been revealed that Griffith and Bravier, often fought and did not get along very well. She has been described as a prima donna, a drama queen, and a diva, always wanting things done her way. Griffith, has even talked about how years after the show had ended, he and Don Knotts, the actor who played Barney Fife, had gone to pay a visit to Bravier, but she turned them away. However, Andy Griffith did say that before she died, Bravier called Griffith apologizing for her behavior during the years past.

Because of Andy Griffith’s half- ownership of the show, he was able to make many helpful improvements to it. It was actually because of Andy Griffith that Don Knotts was able to join the cast of the show. After the pilot episode of the series aired, Don Knotts called Andy Griffith, suggesting that they add a deputy to the show, Griffith loved the idea and was able to make that happen. Originally the producer Sheldon Leonard, wanted Andy Taylor to be arch enemies with the mayor of Mayberry, but he soon realized that Griffith and Knotts’ proposal was a much better fit to the show. Without the character of Barney Fife, The Andy Griffith Show would not be what it is today.

Although The Andy Griffith Show is over, it will always be remembered as one of the funniest, and best TV shows ever aired. In fact, it is still many peoples, favorite show to watch. The Andy Griffith Show, teaches many life lessons, that can still be applied to our own lives today.

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