ClickUp – Is It a Good Software for Your Project Management?


Are you looking for free, easy-to-use free project management software? If yes, ClickUp will be your best choice. Many businesses have been using this software for handling their project management. If you are wondering whether this software is good for your business, then this article is for you. Here, we will discuss the software and also give a short Clickup demo for you.

What is ClickUp?

For small businesses, leveraging their project management software is important. With the right software, they can handle all the workflows related to projects and tasks.

As you start looking for the right software, you will find that there is some project management software that offers their tools for free. This is where ClickUp software can be the best one to support your business.

ClickUp is cloud-based project management software. The software has proven to be suitable for businesses of all sizes.  ClickUp can be your best choice for task management. Why? Because the software successfully integrates some important business applications.

What’s more, ClickUp software is equipped with a dedicated development team. The team regularly adds new and advanced features for the users. This point has been mentioned in many ClickUp views, making it one of the best project management software.

With ClickUp, you can easily:

  • Processing projects from the concept
  • Start the project
  • Plan the project
  • Project execution
  • Monitoring the performance phases
  • Project completion phase

The Main Features of ClickUp Project Management Software

To decide whether the software is suitable for your business or not, you surely need to know about the features it offers. Below are the main important features of ClickUp project management software.

Project Management Feature

Well, it is project management software after all. Therefore, one of the most important ClickUp features is its project management. This feature helps you to plan and visualize all your projects. The software provides various types of views to make it easier in viewing your project.

Based on the ClickUp demo, this feature comes with its unique visibility that allows each member to view projects based on personal preferences. This way, you can effectively collaborate with your team members for better project management.


In ClickUp, you can use hierarchies to organize yourself. The software offers a well-defined hierarchy to simplify your overall project management tasks. Hierarchies in ClickUp mainly consist of workspaces, folders, areas, lists, tasks, and more. With this feature, you can get the flexibility to make the task simpler or even more complex.

Remote Work

We all know how remote work turns out to become a new norm. ClickUp demo has promoted this feature as more relevant and important today. The feature offered by the software allows remote work teams to get everything done. The feature supports your team members to perform all tasks. Eventually, they will be able to deliver projects on time without any hassle.

The Benefits of Using ClickUp

You might have heard this before, ClickUp software is suitable for businesses with relatively small teams. Unlike other project management software, ClickUp will be a perfect fit for individual users. As mentioned earlier, the software is very easy to understand. What’s more, ClickUp comes with the ability to integrate other important applications.

Effective visualization of folders and tasks offered by the software allows you and your team members to effectively track all the activities. Most importantly, you can switch between different views easily for more valuable insights.

Step-by-Step to Use ClickUp

If you are new to the software, you can check out the ClickUp demo for the tutorial. But since you are here, you can read the step-by-step below to use ClickUp.


Create a ClickUp account. You can use your personal email address or business email address to register. Then you need to follow the steps in the sign-up process and it is very in-built.

Onboarding Process

Next, ClickUp will ask you a series of questions. Your answers will be used to complete the onboarding process. In this process, you will need to:

  • Add a name for your workspace
  • Customize your workspace avatar
  • Specify the number of users to work with
  • Specify the specific task you want to perform using the software

During this onboarding process, you can import tasks from other project management software you might have been using.

Clickup Dashboard

Once you have completed the onboarding process, you can go to the left corner of the dashboard and click the workspace icon. Then you can add multiple workspaces as you need.

Customize the Workspace Area

The workspace area will be used to manage all departments, customers, and so on. ClickUp gives you the option to adjust your space avatar. Additionally, you can add members from your workspace. The best part is, you will get the flexibility to keep your workspace private.

Edit and Update

The next thing you can do is edit and update. Things that you can edit and update in ClickUp project management software are:

  • The status of your project
  • Color labels
  • Enable or disable Clickapps
  • Add or remove Clickapps options  as needed
  • Manage default settings for views while creating spaces

Create a Folder in the Workspace

You can always add multiple pages to a single folder. Then you can add tasks and subtasks to these pages as you need.

All the steps outlined above are a ClickUp view to help you understand the hierarchy in the software correctly. Again, the complete onboarding process will not be complicated. Instead, it will be very easy to understand and follow.

ClickUp demo has shown how you can easily visualize each assigned task in board format, calendar format, and so on. This will help you to clearly view the status of each task. Even better, you can update some details as the project progresses without losing focus.

Another great thing mentioned in a ClickUp review is that you can integrate the software with various applications such as Zapier, Google Hangouts, or Tableau. The integration will help you to improve your project management productivity.

What about ClickUp Cost?

Unlike other project management software, ClickUp offers a free plan with many features. This is the main reason that makes the software ideal for small businesses on a tight budget. The best part? This free plan will be free forever!

If you want to move up, you can choose from the reasonable pricing plans in ClickUp cost.

Unlimited plan

By paying $5 monthly, you can get this plan. The plan works well for small teams.

Business plan

You can get this plan at $9 monthly. This is the best plan for mid-sized teams.

Business Plus plan

This plan is offered at $19 per month.

Enterprise plan

To get this plan, you will have to contact the company directly.


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