Climax and Their Only Hit “Precious and Few”


Who is Climax?

Climax is a now-defunct American pop and classic rock band formed during the 70s music era. The achieved fame for their top ten Billboard pop hit “Precious and Few” in early 1972. The group recorded one LP, which made a minor success on the chart. Climax disbanded in the mid-1970s.

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Climax was formed in 1971 in Los Angeles, California. The lineup consisted of lead vocalist Sonny Geraci (born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1947), guitarist/songwriter Walter D. Nims, and drummer/songwriter Jon Jon Guttman. Some sources say that the group was rounded out by bassist Steve York, (ex-East of Eden member and Chapter Three from Manfred Mann), keyboardist Vigil Weber and drummer Robert Neilson. Climax came from the idea from executive producer Marc Gordon and producer Larry Cox.

There had been a lot of session musicians who took part of the band’s recording history, and they included Gordon McKinnon (woodwind); Joe Bellamy, Steve La Fever, Reinie Press and Joe Osborn (bass); drummer John Raines and Earl Palmer; and percussionist Alan Estes.

The primary band members came from a previous group The Outsiders, founded by the late singer-songwriter and musician Tom King. When the original Outsiders split and Geraci formed a new group and named it “The Outsiders featuring Sonny Geraci,” King sued the new band for using the Outsiders name. He eventually won the lawsuit, making him the sole owner of the Outsiders moniker. Geraci eventually re-named his own band as Climax; the band’s sound was decidedly more mellow than the Outsiders’.

Climax’s only hit with”Precious and Few”

Climax signed a contract with a small label Carousel where they recorded their first single “Precious and Few,” as well as the group’s self-titled only album.
“Precious and Few” is a ballad written by Nims. It eventually reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #6 on the Billboard adult contemporary singles chart. It was the group’s only major hit in their brief career. The follow-up singles “Life and Breath” (#52 pop, #15 adult contemporary) and “Walking in the Georgia Rain” (#38 adult contemporary) enjoyed only minor success, which eventually led the band to become one hit wonders.

Few of the reasons why Climax didn’t become successful as they should were the weak marketing and promotion, as well as the absence of a solid management.
After Climax

The group broke up in 1975 or 1976. After Climax’s disbandment, Geraci continued to work in the music industry; in mid-2000’s he was back performing with the Outsiders featuring Sonny Geraci. In 2012 he suffered a brain aneurysm that required him to undergo an intensive care. A benefit concert held by his friends in the industry was held for him the following year. Steve York has continued to work as an in-demand session bass guitarist.

Climax’s only album

The group’s album Climax peaked at #177 on the Billboard 200 album chart in 1972. It consists of 12 tracks:

Side one:

1. “Life and Breath”
2. “I’ve Got Everything”
3. “Postlude”
4. “Picnic in the Rain”
5. “Face the Music”
6. “Precious and Few”

Side two:

1. “It’s Coming Today”
2. “Rainbow Rides Are Free”
3. “If It Feels Good”
4. “Merlin”
5. “Prelude”
6. “Child of December”

Did You Know?

1. Despite the single’s success, “Precious and Few”, Geraci and Climax never put out another album

2. In 1975, the band Climax went their separate ways.

3. Geraci resumed performing in 2007 under the name “Sonny Geraci and The Outsiders” after taking a 25-year hiatus from the music business.

4. In addition to playing other percussion instruments, Jon Guttman contributed several songs that were included on the band’s lone album.

5. Geraci needed intensive care after suffering a brain aneurysm in April 2012 specifically, a cerebral arteriovenous malformation

6. Geraci passed away on February 5, 2017, having reached the age of 70 years.

7. A benefit concert for Geraci was held at the Z-Plex at Stringz ‘N Wingz in Streetsboro, Ohio, on November 15 and 16, 2013. At the benefit concert, several musicians and groups performed. The concert was held in support of a charitable cause.

8. Precious and Few spent three weeks at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and reached number one on the Cash Box Top 100.

9. The band’s biggest hit, “Precious and Few,” was recorded for the very first time in 1970 with producer Ron Kramer, and Nick D’Amico was in charge of the arrangement. Later, producer Larry Cox, who had been tasked by record label owner Marc Gordon to re-work the band’s material, gave it a new spin.

10. The guitarist for the band, Walter D. Nims, was the one who came up with the lyrics and melody for the song “Precious and Few.”

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