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College is the time to find yourself. You explore all kinds of courses until you settle with a major. You explore different points of view before you choose a thesis statement for a paper. But you also explore all kinds of fashion styles before you find the ultimate way to express yourself.

On campus, you’ll see all kinds of outrageous, cool, and cute outfits. Where do you see yourself? It’s a tough question that demands some self-analysis. You no longer want those outfits for girls and boys that were standard in high school. You want a more personal, unique style.

College fashion is an interesting topic that has many layers. Let’s dive in!

The Types of Fashion You See on Campus

Let’s list the most popular types of fashion you’ll see on campus. When you go through this list, you’ll have an idea of where you belong.

1. The Hippies

These are the free souls. You’ll see them wearing earthy tones, which almost look dirty. They don’t care about neat, fitted clothes. They want soft, flowy materials that make them feel free. Hippies wear a lot of jewelry with cool stones that have a meaning.

They care about the environment and the animals, so they won’t wear leather or fur.

2. The Casuals

They don’t care about fashion. They care about comfort. This is all they need: a good pair of sneakers, jeans, cozy shirts and sweatshirts, and clothes you usually exercise in.

Although they don’t pay too much attention to their outfits, they usually invest in high-quality items that they wear for years.

3. The Alternatives

They don’t wear fashionable stuff. They make the trends. Think of Kurt Cobain, Anthony Kiedis, and FKA Twigs. These are the cool kids. People judge them, but most of them want to be just like them. They listen to the best music. In fact, music is a major part of their lifestyle.

You’ll see them wearing leather, distorted clothes, and mostly dark colors. Tattoos and jewelry are part of the style, too.

4. The Fashionables

They always look like they just came out of the most expensive boutique in town. Everything on them is extremely stylish. They buy expensive clothes and almost never rush for sales. These are the people who get stuff from new collections, when it’s still cool and not everyone wears it. They play with colors, styles, and jewelry. In most cases, everything looks good just because it’s expensive.

5. The Greeks

Sorority and fraternity members have a style of their own. You’ll usually see them in clean, light, breathable, sporty clothes. If you’re in a Greek club, you already know what to wear. And if you’re not, then don’t try to copy their style. You’ll just look ridiculous.

Tips: How Can You Find Your Personal Style?

You don’t know where you belong? That’s not a comfortable feeling. You may get into a store and buy items that look well, but will they look well on you?

You admire some of the cool kids on campus, but copying them won’t get you anywhere. Your style is an expression of your personality. So it has to come from within.

Here are a few tips to help you discover your style:

1. Learn about the Body Types

This tip is mostly applicable to women, simply because David Kibbe (the author of this theory) focused on female body types. He developed a system of 13 body types. It’s pretty accurate and his tips make sense.

Start by reading Kibbe’s book, Metamorphosis. It’s a lot of theory, but it’s way more interesting than any fashion course. If you don’t have time to read it and you want a brief description of its content, you can buy assignment service to deliver a summary. When you find your body type and follow precise recommendations, you’ll find clothes that fit perfectly. Don’t worry; you’ll still have space to express your unique style.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Second-Hand Clothes

Everyone wants to be like “the fashionables,” who buy the best clothes without even looking at the price tags. But if you’re like most college students, you have to be the budget fashionista.

Hey; that’s not so bad.

You’ll find amazing things in second-hand stores. Oh; and don’t forget sales season. You don’t have to buy full-priced items when you know they will be way more affordable in a month or two.

3. Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule items are the ones that look really good on you, and you can combine them in all kinds of outfits. These are your favorite jeans, which you can dress down and dress up. It’s a casual coat that you can combine with all kinds of colors and jewelry.

The capsule items – that’s where you start. From there on, you’ll build the wardrobe and you’ll start expressing your unique style.

Experiment and You’ll Get There!

College is all about experiments, right? There are so many options to explore in fashion. When you find a look that works for you, it doesn’t have to be the only one.

You can like minimalist looks and bohemian pieces. It’s okay. You can even combine them together.

The path towards a personal style is not a straight ally. It’s full of twists and turns, which are really fun to take.

You may be inspired by other students or by Pinterest pins, but you’ll add your own twist to the outfits. At the end of the day, you do you!


Alvin Franklin is amazed by the history of fashion. Through his blog posts, he explores the evolution of style through the decades. Alvin also works as a history researcher for a content writing agency.

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