Common Causes of Road Accidents


Road accidents are one of the unfortunate events that can happen to anyone. Every day, hundreds of road accidents occur because many people do not learn from common driving mistakes that may result in severe injury or death. The best thing you can do as a driver is to be wary of your surroundings, especially if there is any unusual activity on the road. Sometimes, drivers can be overly confident in their driving ability that they neglect the potential harm that can come from other drivers on the road. Here are some of the most common causes of road accidents that you need to be aware of to avoid.

Poor Road Lighting

Many road accidents happen at night as a result of poor lighting. Visibility affects how a person drives, whether street lights are there or not. That is why many of those who drive at night are advised to always keep a vigilant eye on their surroundings. Furthermore, accidents caused by poor road lighting will never be your fault. From what was mentioned by a Roanoke Personal Injury Lawyer you should hire someone that has extensive knowledge on how to get you full compensation for all of your losses after an accident. Having an expert’s help would be the best way to deal with such an unfortunate event as they take care of all the aftermath for you. To stay on the safe side, remember to use your headlights on high beam when it’s dark out.  


Speed can be thrilling, but it can also be quite dangerous. Those who cross the speed limit are more likely to be involved in a road accident. Many motorists drive above the speed limit, even though it is illegal to do so. After all, speed limits are set for a reason. Overspeeding can cause the driver to lose control over the vehicle no matter how in control they think they are. Based on simple mechanics and common sense, the faster a vehicle travels, the more time it takes to slow down. Therefore, one must not pass the set speed limit, as it puts their lives and those around them in danger. Driving too slow can also be a safety issue as well, so try and drive within a 5-mile range of the speed limit. 

Distracted Driving

Distraction on its own can put you in danger, whether you’re the one driving or not. Multitasking is a useful talent, but it can be fatal while driving. You can avoid distracted driving by being completely focused on the road. Moreover, do not distract yourself with texting, calling, adjusting your mirrors, or any activity other than driving. If any urgent task comes up, you can easily park on the side for a few seconds, get it done, and then get going again. 

Distracted Driving

Drunk Driving

It is very common to be in a situation that would have you drive home drunk. However, you must not drive while intoxicated, no matter what the circumstances are. Alcohol reduces your concentration levels, putting you at higher risks of being involved in a car accident. It also dampens your fears and makes you take uncalculated risks, which can easily make you take dangerous actions while driving. Thus, it is always advised to ask for a ride or call a cab when drunk instead of driving.

Running Red Lights

Traffic lights are made to facilitate traffic in a way that is easy-flowing to prevent congestion. Moreover, it protects people from getting into road accidents. When someone runs a red light, they become subject to being hit by a speeding car from the opposite direction. In the end, traffic lights are designed to keep you safe. 

Rainy Weather

The chances of road accidents increase when the roads become wet and slippery. On a wet surface, cars can easily lose their grip and start sliding across the road. In other words, drivers find it difficult to keep control of the vehicle and become more likely to be involved in an accident. On a rainy day, the safety risks increase. In such conditions, you need to be fully aware of the danger factors associated with rain, such as road conditions, speed limits, and traffic and take all the necessary precautions to ensure your safety. 

Safety comes first. You need to ensure that you and all the passengers remain safe during any car ride. Also, you have to make sure that other drivers on the road are safe as well by avoiding any distractions, focusing on the road, and following traffic laws. To avoid any damages, injuries, or fatalities, you have to fully educate yourself on how to drive responsibly and be prepared for the possible factors that can affect your safety while driving.

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