Common Electric Scooter Problems and How to Fix It

Electric scooters are another innovation that has become commonplace in our world, but that some forty years ago may have seemed like the mode of transport for the protagonist in a dystopian novel. Electric scooters are seen whizzing through our streets through every corner of the world, and they are a reliable and easy method of transport that can improve your efficiency and your life in general. They are, of course, not without problem, and this page will hope to tell you a few common electric scooter problems and how you can fix them.

Here are some common electric scooter problems and how you can fix them.


Before getting into the details of minor and major scooter repairs, it is important to mention that if your scooter is under warranty, you will likely be entitled to lifetime servicing. Everything in the world needs regular upkeep and maintenance; scooters are no exemption. The scooters’ specialists of iScoot share this sentiment, explaining that parts of your scooters may wear down over time. However, as repairs should be covered by your scooter provider, you need only take it to their shop and have them look at it, rather than doing it yourself. Having your scooter serviced makes your life much easier and means you needn’t lift a finger.

Flat Electric Scooter

Moving away from servicing and onto home repairs, our first one is a flat electric scooter that won’t start. Experts recommend that, firstly, you inspect an electric scooters’ motor if it does not startup. If it does not start, it may be overheated, in which case you can wait for it to start again – if the motor has burnt out, then you need to replace the motor immediately to prevent further damage to your scooter. You should check for disconnected or loose wires, and if you find any, replace the motor. You can also smell the motor to see if it is burnt out.

Flat Electric Scooter

Lost Key

Losing a key, whether it be for your house, car, or scooter, can be stressful. This is, unfortunately, a problem that many electric scooter riders experience. Losing the key to your scooter can be devastating, and it can mean that you will not be riding your scooter anytime soon. Unfortunately, a scooter for which you have lost the key must have the key-socket replaced, and there is no way around it. You will have to take it into a licensed repair shop to have the key-socket replaced and cannot do it yourself.

Batteries Die Quickly

If your batteries die quickly, try to establish the history of the battery pack. It may have been faulty, to begin with. You can also try to charge the battery for up to eight hours – it may just need a full recharge; which people rarely do. Failing that, test the battery or port, or take the battery pack out and put it onto a scooter that runs, seeing if it affects that scooter, too. You can also check it on a scooter that does not work. You may need a battery replacement.

Now, with the help of this page, you know the answer to a few queries that electric scooter riders frequently have. It is best to avoid all of this and buy a scooter that is under a lifetime warranty so that you can have it repaired and replaced free of charge, leaving you to focus on more important things.