Common Tips How to Increase Website Conversion


Most visitors of the site do not buy, call, or subscribe to newsletters. According to a study by Data Insight, the proportion of such people is close to 97%. The remaining visitors are those who perform targeted actions and make a profit. That 3% — is the result of the conversion of “just users” into customers.

Each industry has different indicators for the average conversion. An increase in conversion means an increase in profit, therefore, special methods are used to stimulate the growth of this indicator. Some website owners invest in an attractive design, others, for example, Paychekplus — in content or advertising. However, there is no universal approach for every platform — every case should be considered individually.

What Are the Targeted Actions?

Visitors can do the following actions on the website:

  • follow the link or banner;
  • order goods;
  • create a personal account (register);
  • enter data in electronic form;
  • subscribe;
  • go from one page to another without leaving the site.

The performance of each of these actions is a conversion that positively affects the result. You can check the Conversion Rate by Google Analytics. What will happen if you do not improve the site’s conversion?

  1. Goods and services are not sold, even if they are good and not very expensive;

  2. The costs of promotion are growing, but the result is poor: new customers do not appear, regular ones rarely come;

  3. The business is not developing.

To fix the situation, you can analyze the needs of your customers, adapt to these requirements, and advertise your goods or services.

Ways to Improve Website Conversion

Ways to Improve Website Conversion

To get a high conversion index, you need to perform a series of below actions:

1. Carefully plan advertising campaigns

While preparing to send out advertising push notifications, you need to accurately determine your audience, find the most effective communication channels with it and calculate how much it will cost to attract one user who will perform the target action.  Be sure to check out great options like brunei web services for help.

2.Make a segmentation and re-targeting

To increase conversion, the target audience should be divided by interests, location, demography, and other characteristics. Your visitors should be back to the site. Some users will be interested in messages with news on WhatsApp, others — in email newsletters and others — in SMS-mailings. All such work is called segmentation and re-targeting.

3. Create content that meets user’s expectations

The popularity of offline and online stores depends on the same things: availability of complete and correct assortment information, reliability of product descriptions, the presence of high-quality photos, reviews, etc. All these are the minimum necessary conditions for a good target conversion.

It is also important for the online store to have good navigation: the data structure must be clear, filters should be easy to use, links to similar products or sections are shown on time.

Constant monitoring of the target audience and working on the small issues discussed above makes it possible to increase conversion in any business field. So, why not try it?

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