Compelling Reasons Why Neon Signs Work



It’s not just the cool and amazing retro of neon sign lights that endear them to business owners far and wide. More importantly, neon signs are extremely low-cost forms of advertising and highly effective. Neon signs are not a new invention but have been in use since the 1900s. After dying somewhat, they have come back even more vigorously. 

Neon signs have a characteristic glow that is impossible to resist for all humans. This makes them be discerned from hundreds of meters away and the message they contain is very clear. They are sure to grab the attention of passersby, especially at night. Here are more reasons why business owners can’t seem to get enough of neon lights.

Can be Seen from Long Distances

Neon LED lights have a high density of light that makes them easily discernible from hundreds of miles. This gives you the confidence that your message will be seen by people who aren’t just nearby but also those who are far. It gives you a greater advertisement reach than most other forms of advertisement. Whether you just want to hang a simple neon open sign or a complex advertisement banner, the high-quality lighting in these materials is so compelling that no one can resist their charm.

Easy to Install

Another beautiful thing about neon lights is that they are easy to install and anyone can install them. You just need to buy it and install it at your favorite location on your business premises. Also, they are easily repairable in case they malfunction. You just can never get it wrong with neon lights.

It sparkles brilliantly and is available in a wide array of colors for you to choose from. Although they will eventually lose their gas, this will be after they have achieved their advertisement purposes. Still, you can just take it to the manufacturer to replace the gas. Even if you have to buy a new one, the cost will be well worth it.

Energy Efficient

Neon open signs are hugely popular with business owners and this also has to do with the fact that they use extremely low energy. Owing to its chemical composition, which means it interacts with electricity, these lights use up to 60% less electricity than ordinary energy-saving bulbs. Thus, you will be able to use them for displaying your ads for 24 hours a day and not feel the bite of high electricity bills.

Safe to use

The LED neon open sign is low voltage and also extremely safe to use. They use 12V flexible strips, low heat dissipation, and low voltage operation. These factors combine to make them highly safe for use. Compared with traditional glass neon signs that require 3000-15,000 voltage to operate, you realize that these are indeed safe. Putting out such a high-voltage sign around isnt safe, let alone that its made of glass!

Better Advertising Performance

Neon signs remain one of the most favorable options when it comes to advertising businesses. This is because of their greater performance in attracting potential customersattention. With vibrant colors to choose from, these lights are so powerful they can hardly be ignored. You can create custom neon signs to fit perfectly your business and to improve brand awareness.

When you opaque PVC tubing and SMD technology, you get neon LED lights that can mimic the brightness and uniformity of light produced by the traditional neon glass. But you get this at a fraction of what traditional neon glass costs.

Great Variety

There is almost an infinite range of color options and fonts to use, allowing you to be as unique as possible. Also, you can customize the molding using your exact specifications. LED strip lights also come in far superior levels so you need to know the difference between low-quality LED lights and high-quality ones. The number of color options available to you is unlimited and you can be as creative as you want.

Long Life and Durability

Because of the new technology as well as the addition of an extra structure, LED open signs can have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. We are talking about more than 10 years of using your LED neon light when you use it for 12 hours continuously every day. Compared with the traditional neon signs, neon open signs manufactured from flexible light strips offer added space for heat dissipation and light emission. This makes their life even longer. Most of the neon open signs today feature silicone or PVC body, so they don’t run the risk of being broken like the traditional glass neon signs. They feature glass tubes that are fragile and can even cause danger. Additionally, neon glass tubes also have lower dissipation ability, something that shortens the lifetime of these signs.


Because LED neon lights have a remarkably long lifespan and low energy demand, they have become one of the best eco-friendly options of advertisement. The less energy consumed also means they leave a far less carbon footprint on the environment. Also, they are longer-lasting and don’t require changing after now and then. The material wasted is also significantly reduced.

Extremely attractive

If there is one thing that these lights excel at, it is that they are extremely visually eye-catching and appealing. Their effectiveness becomes even more apparent at night when the natural glow of light is not there. Also, the fact that you can use any color and create any shape means you can come up with breathtaking masterpieces.


Business signage remains a significant form of advertising on budget but is equally effective. With the advent of neon signs, it became even much better. A simple neon open sign doesn’t just inform potential customers that you are operating, but it screams so in style, and in a way no one can resist it. 

Neon advertising has become so popular that it is synonymous with nightlife in most cities. When a company uses outdoor advertising that uses neon lights, you have to stop and check what’s on offer. That’s just how powerful neon lights are. Also, they are durable, easy to maintain, and can be installed by the business owner without paying someone to do it for them.

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