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Pornstar Martini is hot and is today considered the number one cocktail across the globe. This drink is a fun drink that is having a real moment. This drink is having two rudiments. The first one is a martini glass of vanilla juice and syrup passion fruit. The other one is a shot glass of any sparkling wine or prosecco or champagne.

Pornstar martini is having a likable name taste that is good to lock up anybody’s attention. After its debut, it has become the favorite drink for many. With the first sip, a person will realize why this drink is considered a modern classic.

Passion fruit, added as liqueur and puree, is the star of fruity vodka martini.

The tart hot fruit is paired with vanilla’s sweet softness in order to create the bright yellow drink.

In order to complete the experience, just pour sparkling wine in the other glass and take alternative sips. Mostly prosecco or champagne acts as a bubbly palate purifier that accent and tame the passion fruit’s sharp taste more than sugar and vanilla vodka can do.

The original pornstar martini recipe needs specific ingredients which aren’t used in the cocktails. A few adaptations are there that can be personalized its taste as per your needs.

Ingredients you need

  • Vanilla vodka- 1½ounces
  • Passion fruit liqueur- ½ ounce
  • Vanilla sugar- 1 tablespoon
  • Passion fruit puree- 1½ounces
  • Passion fruit for garnish- ½
  • Sparkling wine- 2 ounces

Easy to follow guidelines on pornstar martini recipe

  • Gather all the ingredients listed above
  • Get the cocktail shaker, pour ice cubes into it, pour vodka into it, pour vanilla sugar, pour passion fruit liqueur, or puree
  • Shake thoroughly
  • Strain into a coupe glass
  • Garnish the drink with the help of passion fruit and let the pieces float on the top like a boat. Pour sparkling wine into another small glass. Serve both the drinks and let your guest enjoy and you also enjoy it.

Some useful tips

  • Make sure that you choose the supreme quality of ingredients when you decide to make pornstar martini at home because it gives the best flavor. Fresh passion fruit puree, vanilla vodka, vanilla sugar, and passion fruit liqueur will produce an awesome taste and one who drinks it will surely ask pornstar martini recipe to you. For wine, you can choose a good bottle; prosecco is costlier in comparison to French Champagne.
  • To make vanilla sugar rapidly, you need to mix ¼ to ½ cup of sugar and 1 vanilla bean seed. Mix them with the help of mortar and pestle. With the help of a fork, it can be mixed shortly. The longer you set it; the sugar will pick up more vanilla flavor. At room temperature, store extra in the container which should be air-tight.
  • A few options are there for buying passion fruit puree. It is made by gourmet food companies and also by those holding proficiency in non-alcoholic cocktails. You can look for it in the specialty food store or can be found online.
  • Passona is the best passion fruit liqueur. The other brands which specialize in fruit liqueur naming a few Bols, Alize, etc. offer flavors.

Recipe variations-

  • Use vodka which is unflavored
  • If you do not find fresh fruit passion fruit, with a lemon twist you can garnish the cocktail
  • Skip puree and put 2 ounces of passion fruit and vodka
  • Use vanilla syrup of ¾-1 ounces as an alternative to vanilla sugar

Some pornstar martini recipe calls for a splash of lime juice or lemon. It creates a drink that is hot when made using fresh passion fruit. On the other hand, it may balance out if made using sweetened puree or passion fruit liqueur.

Most people enjoy adding more fruit flavors to this drink. You can try 1½ounces of passion fruit liqueur or puree and then you can add ½ ounces of apple juice or pineapple juice

How can you make passion fruit puree?

Maybe you do not find Fresh passion fruit. But you can make puree on your own at your home. For one martini you need 4 passion fruits. Follow these steps and make passion fruit puree on own.

  • Cut all passion fruits in half to obtain juices
  • Grate seeds and pulp out of the shells and into the blender with any remnants
  • Blend for at least 2 minutes till it is an even consistency
  • Pour the contents through a strainer and with the help of a spoon shuffle it to release juicier puree out from the seeds
  • Use in the drink and put remaining in the refrigerator in an airtight container so that can be used later on

How to drink pornstar martini?

You can begin drinking pornstar martini by taking a small sip and then a small sip of sparkling wine. Enjoy the taste and sip the wine after each sip of the drink.

How strong a pornstar martini is?

Even though you factor in the sparkling wine, this drink won’t be much stronger in comparison to the wine.

The low alcohol content is attributed to the fact that vanilla vodka is 70& proof and the main cocktail contain non-alcoholic fruit puree in high proportion.

On average, this drink weighs approx 15% ABV.

Why this drink is named pornstar martini?

Pornstar martini was named after a club named maverick martini in Cape Town in South Africa. In the early 2000s Pornstar martini cocktail recipe was created by Douglas Ankrah. Ankrah opened the bar in 2002 named London’s Townhouse bar and this drink was featured on the menu. Since then pornstar martini cocktail took off.

An important tip for you

All drinks are better when it is cold. If you want to make these for your guests on a special occasion to be celebrated at your home, ensure that you keep ready a bag of ice so the taste of this drink gets enhanced and everybody in the party gets chilled up with this pornstar martini cocktail recipe.


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