Complete Guide on Planning for a Budget-Friendly Dubai Trip from India


A vibrant city that is known for its glitz, glamour, cultural heritage, & ultra-modern infrastructure. A  place that attracts millions of global tourists every year, of which a significant number of tourists hail from India. While the United Arab Emirates is a country full of tourist locations, travellers mostly flock to Dubai.

Dubai emerges as the perfect tourist destination in all cases. Many are misguided that a visit to this grand city might make your pockets run dry. However, we bring to you the fact that it is possible to plan a budget-friendly trip to Dubai in the cheapest way possible. We have listed several ways to celebrate the city with minimalistic expenses, still exploring all that you desire.

So take note of the points shared below, and start implementing them for the best trip of your life.

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1. Prepare an Itinerary that Justifies Your Budget & Travel Experience

To ensure you have a memorable and fun-filled Dubai trip, start by preparing an itinerary after you have finalized the entire trip’s budget.

Air tickets and accommodation costs usually take up the biggest share of anyone’s budget. So if you can manage to bring down these two costs, you will be able to utilize the saved money in sightseeing, participating in fun activities, etc. A great way to get round-trip tickets at a lower rate is by making the booking at least three months in advance. If you’re travelling in the off-season, the accommodation prices will automatically be lower. But if you’re travelling during peak months you should look for reasonably priced accommodations at Airbnb and not sky-high hotels.

Once you’ve advanced the bookings online at affordable prices, start by making a list of the places you would want to visit. To make things better, also gather information about the routes and means of transportation that can help you reach the selected landmarks in a fast and cost-effective manner.

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2. Apply for a Dubai Tourist Visa

Apply for a Dubai Tourist Visa

To visit Dubai you will have to obtain a Dubai tourist visa. You can apply for the visa via a travel agent or do it directly by filling an online form by attaching the necessary documents. But before applying for the tourist visa, be sure that your passport has a validity date of more than six months from the scheduled travel date.

Along with the form, you will be generally required to upload your picture, digital image of your passport, and other documents as and when required. eVisa is generally approved within a few days, and you can get intimation of the same on your registered email id.

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Fun-Filled Places & Activities in Dubai

Fun-Filled Places & Activities in Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful city packed with stunning landmarks, fun activity centres, and much more. If you set foot in Dubai, make sure to visit the iconic Burj Khalifa, Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, The Green Plant, Dubai Frame, IMG World of Adventure, and the Global Village.

Besides these places, don’t forget to enjoy the desert safari, kayaking, speedboat tours, guided hop-off tours, jet skiing, and a lot more.

3. Get the Best International Travel Insurance

Get the Best International Travel Insurance

Now that you’ve done most of the preparation, it’s time you focus on searching for the best travel insurance. Not many people realise but travel insurance is one of the most ignored aspects when it comes to international traveling, with prevailing Covid-19 scenario, it has become even more important.

When you buy international travel insurance, it now offers coverage against medical expenses including Covid-19 treatment and also safeguards yourself against any potential loss arising out of cancelled flights, baggage theft, change in travel plans, and other cases.

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Start Looking for Cost-Effective Passes on Reliable Travel Websites

If you’ve planned before to engage in more activities you should consider making an advance booking for those places and activities. The biggest advantage of making an online booking is the option to save on those tickets. You can find many reliable travel websites that sell online passes or tickets for most tourist locations and fun activities in different destinations.

These websites not only offer a great discount on every booking but also saves you from the hassle of standing in long lines before the ticket counter. For someone who loves budget travel, such websites can save a decent amount of money that can be used to explore more interesting places.

4. Choose Small Local Restaurants Over Expensive Ones

Complete Guide on Planning for a Budget-Friendly Dubai Trip from India

Want to enjoy culinary heaven without burning a hole in your pocket? If yes, avoid eating out at restaurants and search for small hidden eateries in the streets of this magnificent city. These places offer the best food at pretty affordable rates. So you save some money without compromising or missing out on delicious food.

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