Confused Which Sofa To Buy For The Living Room? Read This!


A sofa is a one-time investment in most homes. If you are looking for a sofa for your family room or living room, it is a good idea to take your time and do a bit of research before you narrow down your choice and order a 3 seater sofa online. There are several factors to consider while purchasing a sofa. You need to be aware of the different upholstery materials used, the fabric, and the sofa style and so on. After all, you don’t want to end up with a sofa that you regret after a few months.

Like every other piece of furniture, sofas come in different shapes and sizes. Each sofa type is meant for a particular use. Once you have decided on the purpose of your sofa in your home, you will find it a lot easier to decide which one to invest in. Unlike the earlier days, there is a huge range of sofas that you can choose from. They vary in shape, size and style.

Things to Remember before you go Sofa Shopping

Before you get ready to go sofa shopping, take a look at these tips from the experts in the furnishing industry:

Measure your Room

The first step to buy any piece of furniture is measuring the space available. This will give you an inkling as to what size sofa you can bring back home and still have enough space to move around the room without obstruction. There is nothing as awful as a room cramped with oversized furniture. Measuring your room will also enable you to decide whether to divide the room into different areas using the sofa or a room divider. The possibilities are endless.

Picking the Right Sofa for

Investing in a sofa that does not fit the space is a waste of money and time. This is why experts recommend picking the right sofa for the space available rather than buying the one that you fall in love with at first sight.

Consider the Room Decor

If you are striving for a room where all the elements complement each other, you need to consider the room décor while shopping for a new sofa. Some classic favourites include beige or white sofas for modern décor, warm coloured sofas for traditional living rooms, and so on.

Consider the Sofa Material

Different materials like leather, fabric, leatherette and so on are used in sofas. A leather sofa will last you for years but may need a little extra maintenance. Fabric sofas are a great choice if you have young kids or pets at home. Leatherette is a type of fake leather that is easier to clean, is waterproof and a lot more budget-friendly.

Seating Options

The ultimate function of every sofa in a home is to provide seating options. If you enjoy entertaining, a comfy sofa with plenty of seating space is a great way to go. Or if you are looking for a sofa for a formal living room, a leather sofa might be a great choice.

Different Types of Sofas

Here is a brief intro on the nine different types of sofas you can find today. Arming yourself with this information will make it easier to find one that fits in the space available and meets all of your requirements as well:

  • Mid-century modern sofa: This type of sofa sits low on the floor and has a minimalist structure with unadorned wooden or metal legs. The mid-century modern sofa is popular all over the world and is a favourite among most home-owners.
  • Camelback: The Camelback sofa, just like its name suggests, has a hump in the centre of the back. The sofa sits on exposed wooden legs and is a lovely addition to any room.
  • Napper Sofa: If you are looking for a comfortable sofa, the three-seater Napper Sofa might be the one you are looking for. It has nice plump cushions and arms on the side, making it very comfy indeed. This sofa is the equivalent of the comfy jeans that you love wearing all the time.
  • Chaise: The Chaise has an arm on only one side. Some models come without arms on either side as well. This type of sofa looks beautiful near a window overlooking a beautiful garden. The Chaise usually has a cushion near the side with the arm for an aesthetic look.
  • Settee: Unlike other sofa styles, the settee is meant for seating only two people. Originally known as the love seat, the setter suits traditional as well as contemporary living rooms. The settee is popular among city dwellers as it doesn’t require too much space and yet still livens up the living room.
  • Lounger Sofa: TheLounger sofa is distinguished by its high back and low arms that tend to roll outside. This is a traditional sofa design that has been around for several years. If your living room has more traditional décor, the Lounger sofa in warm or neutral colours would fit right in.
  • Tuxedo: The tuxedo has a boxy look with the back and arms lining up to the same height. This sofa style suits the family room as well as formal living rooms.
  • Chesterfield: The Chesterfield is a classic sofa style that is often upholstered in leather. It has a tufted or quilted low back and high arms. It often comes in dark brown colours.
  • L-shaped Sofa: This is a more modern sofa style that has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. You can find different sofa modules that fit together to create one sofa of your liking. The L-shaped modular sofa is perfect for rectangular and square-shaped living rooms according to the home furnishing experts. A corner sofa also offers plenty of seating space. You can also add ottomans for additional seating space in your living room.

At the end of the day, remember that the main piece of furniture in your living room is probably going to be your sofa. So get ready to spend around 30% to 50%of your living room budget on a great sofa that has good build quality like those from Wakefit.

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