Consider this before getting a hospitality and tourism degree


Choosing a new career or making a transition is by no means an easy task. If you are considering entering the hospitality and tourism industry then you must understand that this sector is highly dynamic. 

Unlike other job profiles that have a set routine and require working on similar things, each day in the hospitality and tourism sector brings something new. This means you have to be prepared in advance for an extremely enterprising job. 

Among the chief reasons why this field enjoys such immense popularity is that it pays well, offers enormous professional and personal growth, and gives a lot of job satisfaction. 

Though before you take the plunge, it is important that you are aware of some important factors that are crucial to the hospitality and tourism sector. 

Get good exposure 

While there are many good vacancies in hospitality, you need a substantial degree to find a good job profile. The training that you receive during the course helps you build the requisite skill set for this sector. 

Also, it is important that along with a good course, you try to find the right exposure. It is easy to get part-time jobs during school or college in a restaurant or hotel but that alone will not help you if you are looking to get ahead in the hotel or tourism industry and wish to work in a managerial position. 

Only the right balance of a good qualification, useful soft skills, and enthusiasm can help you get the right job. 

Work on your communication skills 

Being able to speak well and express yourself articulately is a necessity in the business world, more so in the hospitality and tourism sector where you interact with new people on daily basis. 

Whether it is answering customer queries or guiding them through the property or services, you have to be polite and precise. With excellent communication skills, you will be able to understand the other person’s requirements, give them a good experience and also get necessary feedback. Your conduct will also reflect on the establishment and be good for the overall business as well. 

Be tech-savvy 

The world has undergone a digital revolution and hospitality is no different. New technology has changed everything in this sector from how guests check in to even providing contactless room service. 

Along with this, social media is playing a very important role in redefining audience interaction and the promotion of services. Since everyone uses social media platforms to put checks in and share pictures, it is necessary to use this aspect of digital media to interact with customers, reach out to more people and also get positive feedback. 

Be prepared for challenges 

Unlike many other fields, the hospitality and tourism sector has no handbook on problems you can encounter during work. Various kinds of people visit restaurants, hotels, resorts, and more. You can encounter issues of varying nature ranging from someone dissatisfied with a service or unhappy with their room or dish. 

In such a situation, you have to be prepared to handle every challenge with patience and resolve the issue for the guest. As you progress in this industry, you will become more accustomed to such issues and will be able to handle pressure situations with ease.

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