Considering a Hair Transplant In Turkey? The 10 Factors You Need to Research Before You Decide

If you suffer from genetic baldness or hair loss, Turkey is one of the best countries to have a hair transplant. Turkey is one of the best choices for hair transplantation as it has specialist doctors in the field.

1. Why Turkey is Preferred for Hair Transplantation?

Successful Results

Turkey achieves a lot of success in the hair transplant sector. Turkey’s successful results in the hair transplant sector play a role as the main reason for people to choose Turkey.

Economic Price Policy

According to many European countries, the price of hair transplantation in Turkey is quite affordable. To give an example, while the average hair transplant price in Canada varies between 15,000 EURO and 18,000 EURO, the price of hair transplantation in Turkey is between 2,000 EURO and 4,000 EURO.

Professional International Service

For any patient coming to Turkey from abroad, he/she is welcomed with special vehicles, and a special translator is assigned as of their arrival in Turkey.

Using State-Of-The-Art Equipment

One of the reasons why Turkey is very successful in Hair Transplantation is the use of state-of-the-art equipment. Doctors who are experts in their fields always follow and adopt the latest technology.

Health, Nature and History Tourism

You don’t come to Turkey just to solve your illness or any of your requests, you get the opportunity to have a very affordable holiday here.

2.  The Reasons Why Turkey Is The Focal Point Of Health Tourism

  • Compared to other countries in the health sector, it is significantly cheaper and has a price advantage.
  • Hospitals have sufficient technology and trained doctors.
  • Turkey is geographically close to both the Middle East and other European countries.
  • There are trained translators for patients coming from abroad.

Turkey is among the leading countries in the world with its superior technology and qualified manpower in the field of health. Turkey is generally very good in the service sector, and Turkey’s well-being in the service sector has a positive effect on health tourism, of course. Turkey has an important advantage due to its geographical location. This advantage is very important for people from abroad who are interested in health tourism with Turkey.

3.  Celebrities Who Have Had A Hair Transplant

  • Jeremy PIVEN – Actor
  • John TRAVOLTA – Actor
  • Jude LAW – Actor
  • Bono of U2 – Singer, Songwriter, and performer
  • Mel GIBSON – Actor
  • Sean PENN – Actor, Director
  • David BECKHAM – Ex-Professional Footballer
  • Wayne ROONEY – Professional Football and Coach
  • Gordon RAMSAY – Chef
  • Elon Musk – Tesla, SpaceX

Only a few celebrities who have had a hair transplant are listed above. Among these celebrities, some have seriously successful results from the hair transplant operation. If you want your hair transplant operation to be successful, the simplest thing to do here is to look at the results of hair transplant patients when choosing a clinic or doctor.

4. Psychological Effect Of Hair Transplantation

Hair loss is seen in every person in a certain amount daily. The rate of hair loss increases from time to time due to reasons such as thyroid disease, diabetes, malnutrition. Hair loss can create psychological problems in your life, regardless of male or female. Loss of self-confidence and anxiety are at the beginning of these psychological problems. A hair transplant eliminates all these psychological problems. It adds color to your social error and fulfills your self-confidence.

5. What Should Be Considered Before Hair Transplantation

As in any job, there are some things you should know before having a hair transplant. If you pay attention to the issues mentioned below, it is possible to have a successful operation in hair transplantation.

Hair Analysis

Hair analysis gives information about the number of grafts to be transplanted to the patient and the transplant technique to be applied for the hair transplant operation.

Medication Use

Another factor affecting the success of hair transplantation is minimizing bleeding. If you have any medication that you regularly use due to your chronic diseases, be sure to inform your doctor about this.

Laboratory Tests

Your hair transplant center will show you the tests that need to be done. Hemophilia etc. It is very important at this point whether you have hereditary diseases or not. Please do not forget to inform your doctor about this issue.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

If you are determined to have a hair transplant, please be sensitive about it. You should avoid smoking and alcohol. Staying away from smoking and alcohol will positively affect the performance of the grafts in the new region.


You should eat light foods that will not tire your digestive system. Nutrition is more of a concern after hair transplantation. However, it will be better for you to consume foods that will not tire the body before hair transplantation.

6. What Should Be Considered After Hair Transplantation

  • The retention time of the transplanted hair follicles is 72 hours. For at least 3 days, the hair transplant area should not be touched.
  • Clothing products such as tight t-shirts and tight sweaters that may come into contact with the transplanted area should not be worn after hair transplantation.
  • To reduce the formation of edema after hair transplantation, ice should be applied to the forehead area regularly for 3 days.
  • The patient should not use alcohol, carbonated drinks, and cigarettes for the first month. If possible, avoid smoking completely.
  • The patient should not have sexual intercourse during the first week.
  • The patient should not wear a hat for the first 10 days after hair transplantation.

7. Conditions That Can Prevent Hair Transplantation

  • Hepatitis C disease
  • HIV, AIDS – Diseases
  • Pseudopelade, Lichen planus Diseases
  • Unfortunately, hair transplantation cannot be performed by people whose donor area is not sufficient, no matter how much they want.
  • A 4th operation cannot be performed on people who have had more than 3 operations.
  • Individuals with chronic health diseases cannot have a hair transplant.

8. The Importance Of Turkey In The Hair Transplant Sector Around The World

Turkey has repeatedly proven that it is the first in the world in the hair transplant sector, which takes up a large part of the aesthetic operations. Today, it is known that 250 patients are treated daily in Turkey. We see the price as one of the main reasons why Turkey is so preferred.

9. The Price Difference Between Turkey and Other European Countries

  • Canada: 15,500 – 7,500 EURO
  • Australia: 11,500 – 13,000 EURO
  • United States: 11,000 – 13,000 EURO
  • United Kingdom: 7,000 – 10,000 EURO
  • Germany: 6,000 – 9,000 EURO
  • Poland: 5,000 – 7,000 EURO
  • Thailand: 5,000 – 7,000 EURO
  • Hungary: 3.500 – 5.500 EURO
  • India: 3,000 – 5,000 EURO
  • Mexico: 2,800 – 5,000 EURO
  • Turkey: 2.000 – 4.000 EURO

As can be seen in the data above, Turkey is quite affordable compared to other European countries. The fact that the price is affordable does not mean that you will have a poor quality operation. On the contrary, Turkey is more successful in the hair transplant sector than Europe. You can understand this by following the results of people who have had a hair transplant in Turkey.

10. Check Patient Results!

Number of grafts transplanted: 4400

Hair transplant technique used: Sapphire FUE

Punch number used: 9 – 3.5

Time to get results: 8 months

The video shows the 8-month development of our patient, whose operation was performed with Sapphire FUE technique, and before and after the hair transplantation.

Our patient has transplanted 4400 grafts at one time. All the grafts of our patient were taken from the donor area between the two ears, no graft was taken from the beard area.

8 months after hair transplantation, 80% of the transplanted hair has grown. (This varies from person to person.)