Cooking With An Air Fryer – Pros And Cons

An air fryer is a new hit nowadays. They have become quite the talk of the town and everyone is speculating about whether they are missing something or if their kitchen is still fine without an air fryer?

Air fryers come with their pros and cons and everyone should make this decision of buying an air fryer according to what suits them. Your lifestyle, eating choices and your health status affect your decision of buying an air fryer.

Pros of Using an Air Fryer

Air fryers entered the market with a lot of hype. Their pros made people think about buying them. Although finding the right air fryer can be a time taking job, once you have found your true machine, no one can make you stay away from healthier and yummy food. Here are some of the advantages that air fryer offers

It Works Fast

No need to spend hours and hours in the kitchen doing the entire time taking stuff because the air fryer is here to save us. They work faster than ovens and stoves.  In an air fryer or an air fryer toaster oven, most of the heat stays inside so it takes less time to cook food and to preheat the air fryer.

In an air fryer, most of the heat stays inside so it takes less time to cook food and to preheat the air fryer. In fact, during cooking, heat gets intensified and you can even cook frozen food with many conveniences and less time. Working in the kitchen has never been that much easier before air fryers were introduced in the market.

Energy Efficient

Air fryers are energy efficient. It is designed in such a way that now you don’t need to worry about your kitchen becoming a mess. It is compact, comparatively small in size and doesn’t require a lot of power to run. So you save time and energy when using an air fryer.

Promotes Healthy Eating

Air fryers provide you with a choice of eating healthy food. You use a very minimal amount of oil in the air fryer making your food healthier. Blood pressure and diabetes are getting so common nowadays that it is scary. People are becoming more health-conscious and trying to avoid oily and sugary food.

Air fryers don’t let food absorb excess oils. So it is a perfect choice for health-conscious people. Air fryers are also good for cooking naturally oily food. You can enjoy healthy snacks and delicious food with much ease and less oil.


An air fryer is lightweight and small in size. It is easy to move in the kitchen and perfect for a smaller cooking area. Due to its portability and compact size, you can also take air fryers along with you during travels and camping.

User Friendly

Cooking in an Air fryer is no rocket science. You don’t need manuals or training to use this small and efficient product. You just need to put food in the air fryer, select temperature and time and let the air fryer do the rest. This easy to handle aspect makes it a user-friendly product.

Cons of Using an Air fryer

Nothing is perfect and not everything suits your choices. Air fryers are no exception. Following are the cons of air fryers

Food Can Get Burnt

Cooking in an air fryer means you are cooking up to 400° Fahrenheit. New users can have difficulty in using the air fryer for the first few times. A little carelessness can turn your yummy crispy food into black burnt chunks.

Food Can Get Dried Out

Air fryers deliver healthy food prepared with less oil. So food can get dried out, turning crispier food into hard snacks.

As oil keeps the food moist, air fryers use less oil than normal, so to prevent food from drying out you need to be very careful. This can be a hectic and tiring job.

Offers Limited Space for Food

Air fryers are small in size, which makes them portable and easy to use, but on the other hand, you get limited space to cook food. It offers to cook food for up to 4 servings so air fryers can be a big no for large families. For a larger number of people, you will need to cook in batches which are a big turn-off especially while partying.

Every product is a mix of positives and negatives so is with Air fryers. Cooking in the air fryer may be an exciting experience for some people while tough for others. If you are a health-conscious person or love to travel then air fryer is completely your thing. But if you are a foodie and junkie who loves to party then oops! Air fryers might not be a good choice for your lifestyle.