Cope With Divorce by Changing Your Lifestyle to Eco-Friendly – Some Tips to Get Started Today


It isn’t worth reminding that divorce is not the end – it just underlines a stage in your life that you have gone through. Therefore, there is no need to engage in absolutely pointless activities, being stressed and regret your decision. Consider the fact of your divorce as an opportunity: life has given you a pen and a blank sheet of paper, rebuild yourself, rejuvenate like a phoenix from ashes. It is very tempting to stay at your comfort bubble, but the best way to overcome pain and frustration is to change a lifestyle. We are basically all parasites on our planet, so why not change that?

Let’s Take the First Step

To start off, getting a divorce with a ‘do it yourself divorce kit’ is already a step towards producing less waste. Sounds ridiculous, right? Filing for divorce without a lawyer means that you don’t have to drive a car or use public transport in order to get to a lawyer, waste paper for unnecessary copies of a divorce application form and other documents. Hence you don’t leave a carbon footprint when avoiding the above-mentioned activities. Using online services like, you take care of your nervous system. You also don’t invest in demulcent, so you make less contribution to the pollution of the aquatic environment with pharmaceutical drugs.

These facts may seem hilarious, but despite that, even the smallest changes in our ordinary activities can invest in making our planet be full of beans again.

What Changes In Life Lead to Being Eco-Friendly?

Are you still of the opinion that going to an eco-friendly lifestyle is a too profound change to launch into your life after a breakup? Tao Te Ching said: “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”. So, how to go green?

  • First of all, declutter your habitat. This is especially true if you have relocated to a new place. The gradual accumulation of junk is a never-ending tide, that wanes in and out. There is no sense in storing subjects that bring back memories, that act devastatingly on you. It is unreasonable to save common things that tied you with your spouse. Just accept things the way they are. 
  • To begin with, you have to adopt new eco-friendly habits. Be honest and desperate, don’t keep ancient things that might come in handy someday. Free up the shelves in your wardrobe, provide those who are less fortunate with pieces of clothing. Throw away discarded bottled toiletries instead of piling them in your bathroom. Take a look at old pieces of furniture, give them a makeover or repurpose.
  • Some changed in your mundane routine can make you feel possibly less guilty about the sin you have always been aware of but never tried to atone. To paraphrase, switch to fluorescent light bulbs from traditional archaic ones. 
  • Don’t buy an air conditioner, turn your head towards a more eco-friendly alternative. An interesting and engaging variant is planting vegetable gardens. By doing so you can kill two birds with one stone: save money and improve your dietary habits. These would serve you as natural air filters and also make you immersed in the process of taking care of something. 
  • Another point worth noting is disposing of all electronics properly. That chapter also touches the recycling of everyday materials, like paper, glass, and plastic. Don’t underestimate recycling as it can significantly fatten your wallet.
  • Forget about single-use plastic bags and straws, but choose reusable ones. Also, when buying coffee ask a barman not to give you a straw. Didn’t you know? You can even drink without it.
  • On top of that, you can drop the idea of purchasing a car, which is always energy- and money-thirsty, and opt for walking. Using your legs to travel liberates you from traffic, delays and terrible drivers. Going on foot is the best prescription from many diseases, including heart attack, stroke, and glaucoma. This is totally not what you want to come across after a divorce.
  • Dave Ramsay said: ‘We spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need to impress people we don’t know’. Admittedly, money doesn’t appear and disappear from our pockets with a wave of a magic wand. Be conscious of what you are buying and get off that insane mouse wheel of consumerism. Besides, don’t be ashamed to resort to thrift stores, as far as you can save a flawlessly good thing from being burned at a landfill. 

Taking everything into consideration, a slight modification in your lifestyle will not only reduce your carbon footprint but also improve your state of health, both physical and mental. By looking for alternative products and approaches you can broaden your horizons, bring out new dimensions in you and finally break up a circle of leading parasitic style of life. It’s an opportunity to care for a better world and for people you will never meet. Invest the money you save in new memories and experience, and prove that a divorce is just a separating line between two stages of your life.

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