Copper vs. Black Range Hood: Which is a better option for your kitchen?


Range hoods are often the centerpiece of a kitchen remodel, as they are the first thing the eye wonders too.

When starting a kitchen remodel and trying to choose the right range hood, it can be easy to fall under the spell of paralysis by analysis due to the sheer number of options available.

In this blog, we’ll try to make it easy for you to decide which range hood to choose by looking at two of the most popular options: copper range hoods and the black range hoods.

Why Range Hoods Are an Important Feature In The Kitchen


The most apparent benefit black range hoods offer your kitchen is the style boost they bring to your kitchen design. Range hoods provide a variety of customization options to match your kitchen design. If you want your range hood to become the centerpiece of your kitchen, it can efficiently function that way, or if you wish your range hood to match and blend in with your design, there will be an option for you to do that.

Improves Air Quality

If you are a big cook in the kitchen, you’ll know how thick and heavy the air quality can get. An excellent black range hood with an air filtration unit can filter out air particles in your kitchen so you can cook and still breathe comfortably.

Keeps Your Kitchen Cool

Many people’s biggest complaint about their kitchen is how hot it gets when they are cooking. How many times have you had to open your windows and doors when cooking to lower the temperature in your house? With a black range hood, you can boost the ventilation in your kitchen to pull the hot air out of the room.

Adds a Spotlight To Your Cooking

Experienced cooks often don’t cook by recipe but by their senses, especially sight. With slight changes in coloration and texture, they can tell when their food is done or needs more love to get it right. With a range black hood, you get an extra light on top of your stovetop to get the best view of your food.

Black Range Hood Vs. Copper Range Hood

Black range hoods and copper hoods offer a lot of the same similarities, and your choice between them depends on the style of your kitchen. Black range hoods work well with modern kitchen designs, as the sleek black design matches well with modern countertops and appliances.

Copper range hoods work exceptionally well with industrial and rustic kitchen designs. Many five-star restaurants use copper utensils, pots, and pans, so many naturally associate copper materials with high-class dining. If that is the impression you want to give out in your kitchen, a copper range hood is a way.

Start Your Kitchen Remodel With The Right Range Hood

When planning a kitchen remodel, the first item you list will almost always be the range hood. Due to the wide variety of options available, it can be challenging to choose and stick with; starting with either a black range hood or copper one gives you a starting point to build off.

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