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A server is a device, program, or a specific computer that manages network resources. They can be dedicated to your specific needs and not shared with other tasks. You may be wondering how to determine the Cost of a Server for Small Business. Also, if you want to know how to create invoices just like a professional, contact Luzenta.

Purchasing or renting a server is the main control panel for how successful your business can be. Investing in a server can help protect small business owners from internet threats. Depending on your business and your unique needs, there are a few different server options available, and prices will vary. Keep in mind that the most cost-effective hosting solution is shared hosting. The cost can fluctuate depending on the software and maintenance needed to upkeep your server.  These dedicated servers are the most flexible because the business organizations can have full control over the servers.

While all personal computers have the capabilities to use them as network servers, usually there are software, hardware dedicated computers specific to be used as a server. Most dedicated servers have high-performance RAM, faster processor speeds and higher capacity hard drives. Servers are typically connected to several networks, other servers, and power supplies. When looking for cheap dedicated server web hosting, look for companies that will not only provide you with a low monthly price for your website hosting, but will also provide you with outstanding customer service, high speed servers and internet access, and the dependability of cutting-edge technology.

Before researching costs associated with a server for a small business, you must take a few of these points and capabilities into consideration:

  • Does the server have the ability to update hardware and software without requiring a restart?
  • Does it have a backup for frequent and critical data?
  • Does it provide superior networking?
  • Automatic data transfer?
  • Advanced security to protect data and memory?

Most servers offer operating systems that are not usually found on personal computers but are available for the server and desktop interfaces.

Below, we break it down into a more digestible way to understand the costs associated with owning a server for a small business. Keep in mind, these prices are just an estimate and may not hold true in your specific situation or need.

Server Cost Chart

Small Servers

These servers are often used for small e-commerce or company websites, file storage, and e-mails.

Server Type Rent Own
Specs Intel E3 1240 V3



8-hour Set-up

E3-1240 v5 (3.50 GHz)


500 GB SSD

Costs Up Front $0.00 Server: $1,259

RAM: $213

HDD: $65

Total: $1,537

Cost Monthly $70 a month Approximately $30.24 for power + cooling and internet costs

Average Servers

Needed for medium traffic e-commerce websites, databases, SaaS applications

Server Type Rent Own
Specs Intel Xeon W-2125


2x 500GB SSD

8-hour Set-up

Intel Xeon W-2125


2x 500GB SSD

Costs Up Front $0.00 Server: $1,627

RAM: $213

HDD: $130

Total: $1,970

Cost Monthly $140 a month Approximately $30.24 for power + cooling and internet costs

Large Servers

High traffic e-commerce websites, SaaS applications, extensive databases

Server Type Rent Own
Specs Dual Intel Xeon

Silver 114


2x 500GB SSD

Dual Intel Xeon

Silver 4114


2x 500GB SSD

Costs Up Front $0.00 Server: $3,550

RAM: $213

HDD: $130

Total: $3,893

Cost Monthly $295 a month Approximately $60.24 for only power. Cooling and internet costs separate.

Additional Costs

Hardware Costs

The exact cost of hardware is dependent upon the amount of security, storage, speed, and bandwidth you choose. If you need larger storage space, the cost of hardware can be more expensive. The average price of server hardware varies from $3,000 to $5,000. However, if you decide to rent a server, you can look at spending approximately $59 a month.

One thing to think about is investing in upgraded hardware. Some individuals prefer an SSD instead of a SATA because of the higher performance. When renting a server, this upgrade is about $110 a month but can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands when purchasing a server.

Installation Costs

Once you have your server, you must think about the price tag that comes along with installing it. To have your server installed, you will need to contact an IT support professional. Typically, one can look at paying around $100 an hour to have their server correctly installed and can take up to 4 or 5 hours for installation.

However, with renting a server, the physical set up fee is typically included in your monthly price.

Maintenance Costs

Just with any other thing we own, maintenance is often needed to ensure everything is running correctly. Maintenance costs need to be factored in regardless of whether you rent or buy your server. Maintenance fees can be dependent upon the specific server in which you choose for your application or website. Selecting the correct maintenance package can be daunting if you do not know precisely what is needed. Maintenance can range from a few hundred dollars up to thousands per month.

Fixing or Repairing Server Hardware

When buying a server, you are responsible for any repairs or replacing your server. The exact number is dependent on what needs to be repaired. However, with renting a server, repairs and replacements are often covered within your hosting plan.

Servers are an important investment that can make or break the success of your business. Before purchasing a server, business owners should fully understand what comes along with owning a server. Once you fully understand the responsibility of owning and maintaining a server, you can adequately decide on either owning or renting your server. However, there is no exact number that can define exactly how much it will cost to own a server for a small business. Every company is different along with their needs, so prices vary.

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