Cost of Android App Development

The growth of native mobile app development has become prominent with time. Plus, with the market share of Google’s Android, app development for this specific platform is highly practiced. As an estimate, Android has a whopping 2.8 billion active users, covering 75% of the overall market share. 

So, hiring an agency that provides robust Android application development services is good. But the most common question is how much does Android application development cost? Well, several things affect the Android application development cost. 

Factors Affecting Android Application Development Cost

Factors Affecting Android Application Development Cost

Once we decide to develop an Android App to build an application, there are multiple factors impacting the cost during the development. But here is one drawback. You may sometimes overrun your budget, which can affect the other aspects of Android application development. 

If you want to stick to your budget, the only thing you can do is know the factors affecting the Android application development cost. So, here are multiple factors affecting the cost of the whole development of an Android app:

1. The Complications of the Application

One of the most crucial deciding factors of Android app development is determining how complicated the application will be. It includes the application’s user interface, its features and functionalities, etc. The more complex the app, the more expensive the development process will be. 

Also, whenever you decide to build an application, your prime focus should be to make it efficient and simple to handle. Its complex interface can drive away the users. So, considering the prominent factors impacting the Android app complications: 

  • The backend architecture of an application’s backend is of two types: Custom and BaaS. While you can get a ready-made backend architecture by using BaaS, Custom provides an architecture made from scratch, which is specially designed for a specific application. 
  • The admin panel is one of the crucial parts of an application development. It assists in keeping records of the activities and functions going on in the application. An admin panel also analyzes the statistics regarding the application and updates the content of the same. 
  • An application is only considered efficient if it has all the functionalities required for its smooth running. One of the most crucial factors that makes an application efficient is its payment gateway. Building a great payment gateway can increase the user’s dependency on the application, which severely affects the cost of building the application if you opt for an Android app development company. 
  • When it comes to building an Android application, another thing that you need to consider is the application’s capability to integrate with any third-party application. For example, the application can help you sign up on Google, Gmail, Facebook, or any other application. Building an application helpful for integrating with third parties can impact the cost of the entire development. 

2. The Application’s Type and Its Category

The type of application is a big deciding factor when it comes to developing an application. Android applications have various types, and they belong to multiple categories. So, the cost of an application is impacted by the style of the application you intend to build. There are several categories of different applications, and they all have other functionalities, criteria, security, and demographics. For example, any gaming application is considered the most expensive. Also, the e-commerce applications, though they come second, are costly to build. 

There are some popular Android application categories. For example, any m-commerce application like Amazon has a different popularity level as it is a feature-rich application. Also, it can affect millions of users at a time. 

Social networking applications are also essential and equally costly as they integrate with third-party applications. Since social media applications can handle millions of users at a time, they can be highly scalable, making them cost more than other applications. 

3. Animation and Design of an Application

The design process of an application is one of the crucial things to consider when it comes to cost. An Android application’s design is what makes the application more useful and costly. For example, material design refers to a design for Android application development to add Android creativity to an application. On the other hand, a flat design is considered more suitable for iOS. So, Android app development’s cost depends on the design you choose for your application.

4. Deployment Process of an Application

The deployment process of an application is an important aspect when it comes to the cost of any Android application development. When you first approach an Android app development company, ensure you know the deployment process. 

Submitting a newly-built application on the Play Store is a crucial part of Android application development. It severely affects the budget of the development. But before you build an application and deploy it on the Play Store, there are some guidelines you need to follow. Also, remember that Google charges $25 for launching an application on its Play Store. 

5. Maintenance Is a Crucial Factor

What to do once the development of an application is done? Well, you maintain the application as best as possible. So, if you approach a company to develop an application, ensure your budget also adds to the maintenance process. 

It would help if you kept looking at the design and coding aspects of an application, which are the two fundamental factors of running an application successfully. 

The Android application maintenance cost depends on the chances of development, which comes down to the maintenance. So, ensure you maintain the application properly and figure out the cost of the maintenance. 


Android application development is fairly expensive in the first place. However, the cost varies, depending on the development process and the type of the app. So, if you intend to build any application, ensure you approach the right company for example brainvire service provider or developer and have economical the budget with quality services after gathering all the aspects of an Android application development.