Counter-strike 1.6: сlassic is eternal


Counter-Strike (CS) is the world’s most popular first-person shooter (MMOFPS) online computer game.

The essence of the game is simple and so it has become a canon for most games in this genre while advancing shooter genre in general.

Players are divided into two teams:

  • terrorists
  • counter-terrorists.

Depending on the map type, the goals in the game may vary. But whatever the goal, the main thing is to kill as many enemies as possible, i.e. opponents of the other team.

The most popular game maps are maps with the prefix “de_” which means “demolition”. Any player knows that it is a mode where the Terrorist team should plant a bomb in a predetermined place within a certain time and protect it from being defused. The counter-terrorists, in turn, must defuse the bomb, and do it within a certain time, kill all the Terrorists or defend bombing sites for set amount of time.

Maps with the prefix “cs_” suggest guarding or freeing hostages from Terrorists.

The motivation for the players is monetary reward. Moreover, the reward for each individual is separate and depends on the player’s impact in game: how many enemies he killed, whether he was able to plant (or clear) a bomb, etc.

The reward is especially important in Counter-Strike version 1.6, since all weapons and equipment, except for the standard pistols (Glock/USP) and knives, issued by default, are bought for money in the in-game shop during each round.

What is the distinguishing feature of Counter-Strike 1.6? This is a variation of the so-called classic CS. On Steam, this version of the game is directly referred to as “Counter-Strike 1” or even simply “Counter-Strike”.

In fact, this is the most fan-favorite version that has stood the test of time, during this time the balance of the game has been perfected to the ideal. It is CS 1.6 that is used by professional players. So the majority of tournaments was held on this version until the latest part of the game “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” (CS:GO) has appeared. Despite the large overflow of players to the new version, the classic “CS 1.6” is still popular among fans and so-called oldfags. Also, this version of the game will definitely appeal to owners of weak computers.

It is necessary to make a short digression into the history of this game`s version creation in order to better understand the reasons for its cult and relevance even after twenty years from the beginning of its creation.

Paradoxically, the secret of the game’s success lies in the fact that its creator, a canadian of Vietnamese origin, Ming “Gooseman” Lee, did not make a commercial product about an urgent and acute problem, but a modification – a mod of another game on the subject of interest to him.

Long before CS, multiplayer battles took place in high-paced shooters with fantastic scenery and completely unrealistic physics, such as Quake and Unreal Tournament.

But all the games paled in comparison to Valve’s fresh Half-Life, which was perfect in every way at that time. It was for this game that Ming Li decided to make a new mod, because the engine gave more room for the developer’s imagination – so a convenient multiplayer, modern tools for 1999 and more suitable scenery were implemented.

The first CS beta was released on June 19, 1999. The game was constantly being improved, new weapons and new maps appeared. There was a fight against bugs and popularity grew. Widespread fame for the game began to come between 1999 and 2000 during the release of the fifth beta.

Lee’s desire to create a more realistic shooter paid off, and Valve became interested in the mod very soon. They contacted Lee and hired him. As it turned out, this was one of the best decisions during the existence of the company.

Counter-Strike under the leadership of Valve was becoming a hit. Simple mechanics and an emphasis on realism make the game attractive to gamers and help progress in cybersports. Easy to learn, hard to master (or easy to start, hard to master) has always been a priority for Lee, and this principle, he says, is what has helped the game become such a success.

If you have not played yet, but want to join to the timeless classics, then it’s time to think about the quickly and correctly way to download the installation file without long surfing the world wide web.

So Smash-CS site provides an excellent opportunity to download the game using a torrent or just directly. To download Counter-strike 1.6 a player should visit Smash-CS site and follow the required link in order to get a build.

The build wins in comparison with analogues with the following advantages:

  • game automatically adapts to server protocol (47/48)
  • add to Favorites is working without bugs
  • compatible with Windows 8, 8.1, 10
  • bots “zBot 1.5”
  • CSXGuard Protector
  • working server search
  • crystal clear build based on official Steam content (unless you select components in the installer)
  • no viruses or ads.

Download our build and enjoy the timeless classic!

CS GO: the most efficient modification of Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a computer game developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment; the latest main game in the Counter-Strike game series.

CS:GO, unlike its “younger” counterpart CS 1.6, was immediately developed as an independent discipline. But Valve have got it easier, because the popularity of 1.6 and Source versions have done its job. All Source’ers immediately switched to CS:GO. There were problems with 1.6, because. the players simply did not want to switch to the unfinished CS:GO, but the lack of tournaments played a decisive role, and the players were simply forced to switch to the new game`s version.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive makes several changes to the original Counter-Strike game formula. Compared to Counter-Strike: Source, weapon damage models have been balanced. There is improved bullet penetration through some walls, materials and objects. Radio commands for bots and players have been updated (recently radio commands have been removed and it is no longer possible for bots to give command), among other changes.

As a matter of fact, the gameplay has not changed compared to the classic version 1.6. Both one and the other game are 3D multiplayer first-person shooters. The rules and maps remain unchanged. The only things that have changed are the economy, weapons, map balance, and shooting mechanics.

Not many people remember today, but initially CS:GO was boycotted precisely because the shooting in it was so terrible and unbalanced that it was almost impossible to play it. Valve did a smart thing. They brought back the shooting from 1.6, and then a little bit in each patch it was balanced. That is to say, they introduced innovations gradually.

Initially, the economy of the game completely moved to CS:GO from 1.6. The changes concerned, perhaps, the cost of new devices and the reward for killing. But in recent years, Valve has slightly tweaked the reward for losing and winning a round. And if earlier it was possible to play a full-fledged device round only after two eco-rounds, now it’s quite possible to buy weapons during third round, even if you lost the first two.

In CS 1.6 there were only 2 main modes: hostage rescue and bomb planting. Subsequently, maps with VIP rescue were added, but such maps were rarely used in particular popularity. There were also user modes (special servers with various mods, but CS:GO also possesses them, so it makes no sense to even mention this). CS:GO originally had much more variety. They forgot about the mode with a VIP player, but, in addition to the standard ones, there were modes: competitive, arms race, fight to the death, forbidden zone.

Separately, it is necessary to highlight the competitive mode, because this is the coolest thing that Valve could do with the game. The fact is that in CS 1.6 everyone played on regular servers. Sometimes on DM servers. But it was impossible to test your own skill, and even more so it was impossible to boast your achievements. Sometimes statistics were kept on user servers, but it was still not the same. But in CS:GO, rank has become a really cool indicator of skill.

Last but not least, new types of weapons have appeared precisely in CS:GO. These can be counted as:

  1. The appearance of the Molotov cocktail.
  2. The appearance of a false grenade.
  3. The appearance of Tec-9.
  4. The appearance of CZ75 Auto.
  5. The appearance of MAG-7.
  6. P250 instead of SIG-Sauer P228.
  7. MP7 instead of MP5.
  8. Nova instead of Benelli M3 Super 90.
  9. The appearance of Sawed off.
  10.  The appearance of PP-19 Bizon.
  11.  The appearance of MP9 instead of Steyr TMP.
  12.  Shocker Zeus.
  13.  Revolver R8.
  14.  SG 553 instead of SG 552.
  15.  CT players can choose their starting pistol: P2000 or USP. In 1.6 there was only USP.
  16.  CT players can choose to take m4a1 or m4a1-s. In 1.5 you could just wind the muffler.
  17.  Scout vs SSG 08.
  18.  Gun upgrades.

As you can see, the weapon changes were colossal, but in fact, globally, this had a positive effect on the gameplay, because if CS 1.6 was played only with the M4 or AK-47, then almost all types of weapons are playable in CS:GO.

If you want to play the most popular version of Counter Strike, you are probably interested in a capacious and modern build with an auto-update function and all the gaming features as in the original steam file. If you are going to download CS GO you should follow the link on Smash-CS as well as further instructions here.

After downloading the torrent, it is necessary to install the boot file correctly, and in case of errors, the tips on the site page help.

Download our build and enjoy the most efficient modification of Counter-Strike.

CSS: few steps back and one huge forward

Almost 18 years have passed since the release of Counter-Strike: Source back in 2004, but, despite its age, the game continues to attract gamers who could not find a fan in the classic 1.6 or see some game passion behind a pile of skins in the modern Global Offensive. So, it is important to trace the path of failure and prosperity of CS: Source, and also try to answer the question: “Is it worth playing Counter-Strike: Source in 2022 at all?”.

The fate of Counter-Strike: Source is very sad and amusing at the same time. Valve has not even realized its big responsibility while developing a new part of gamers` favorite online multiplayer shooter. Instead of listening to the wishes of the already formed community of classic CS fans while developing the game, the developers decided to go their own way and completely hit on strange chips. In the end, it turned out what happened. Released in 2004, CS: Source, based on a new revolutionary game engine with realistic physics and beautiful graphics, simply turned out to be of little use to anyone. Gamers did not understand why they should leave CS 1.6, polished over the years, for a very demanding and raw new product, where everything had to be relearned. It seems that even Valve itself did not understand this at the time.

The growing cybersports` industry added fuel to the fire of disappointment. Coincidentally, the small LAN tournaments held on 2003-2004 years began to massively transform into serious cybersports` organizations (ESWC, CPL Europe) with large cash prizes, where the classic Counter-Strike became the main engine of the growing industry, finally displacing Quake.

As a result, all attempts to somehow promote CS: Source among enthusiastic gamers and in the cybersports` arena were shattered by the boycott of the community and the weak PCs of the players. If not for the Valve`s perseverance, then the glorious history of another revolutionary game would have ended.

Despite the deplorable state of CS: Source at the start, it is necessary to give Valve its due – it has not abandoned the game. Patches that improved the gameplay and added new maps came one after another until the game became perfect in 2008-2009. No, Valve did not make another CS 1.6, but created something new.

CS: Source 28-34 versions featured increased TTK (Time to Kill), which made gunfights a real pleasure. It was possible to compare the gameplay with the multiplayer of Halo 3, where you also had to try very hard to kill the enemy. Although the gameplay has been polished, CS: Source has become popular not because of the classic CS mechanics.

By that time, gamers had already updated their PC and were enjoying a lot of modifications with might and main: Zombie Mod, Warcraft 3 Mod, Prison, Hide and Seek, Football, Survival and a lot of others. Considering the availability of relatively simple development tools and support for high-quality voice chat, turned CS: Source into a real service game. The game simply became a pleasure to spend a free time after a hard day’s work. No one demanded a divine response, and together they cheerfully fought off the bloodthirsty zombies. This arrangement finally divided the audience of the shooter into those who wanted tournaments and hardcore, and those who longed for fun and new gameplay.

It is necessary to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of this game`s version.


  • Better graphics compared to 1.6.
  • A fairly large weapon shop.
  • Voice communication.
  • Developed maps and character models.


  •  Each server has its own mods, fixes, etc. large sizes and when downloading them, the weight of the game is increasing so the disk space is constantly getting wasted.
  •  Frequent bugs like crashing out of the game.

Ultimately, CS: Source was unable to replicate the success of the iconic CS 1.6 both among players and in the cybersports` market. However, it did not become the shadow of its younger brother, but was a bright star, which managed to attract a new audience to the outdated shooter mechanics. The game has its own zest, and if you lack novelty in the gameplay, you can always download the Source version. While trying to download CSS a player needs to follow the link on Smash-CS. The page contains a compact and at the same time modern build with the ability to download it from Yandex disk or Google drive. The advantages of a modern assembly guarantee the lowest possible ping, no ads, a full guarantee that there is no conflict with servers, the maximum download speed of server files, and of course the minimum amount of disk space.

Download our build and enjoy the most controversial and bright version of the famous shooter.


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