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Today every business is somehow connected with the digital world. Small and big corporations have official websites and accounts on social media. Moreover, there are businesses, which are provided only in the online form. Such a peculiarity of the international business industry development has led to the increase in demand for risk management tools.

Risk management software tools are special instruments and technologies, which are elements of the risk management software system. This system is a unique anti-fraud solution, which functions as a fraud prevention platform. So, risk management tools are programs, which are used to analyze the information to detect potential risks.

One of the best systems of risk management software tools is provided by, which is a famous company in the USA and Europe. This European company has great customers audience and for today it has already analyzed 5 billion users’ actions.

Covery provides a lot of different anti-fraud tools including device fingerprinting, KYC, AML, and KYB services, transaction monitoring tools, trustchain program, and, of course, risk management tools.

There is a list of the most demanded enterprise risk management tools, the use of which can assure the high level of security for your business:

  • Firewalls or NGFWs with Intrusion Protection (the most popular option among risk management tools allows monitoring the incoming and outgoing traffic and blocking dangerous actions on the net)
  • DNS protection (Domain Name Service is used to control the connection to the network and the cloud)
  • Endpoint protection (in plain words this technology is a classic anti-virus program)
  • Cloud-base security system (the most convenient method to safe business confidential information, which does not require hardware and software)
  • Email gateway protection (technology of email gateway security protects from hacker attacks)

The implementation of risk management tools into your business anti-fraud system allows you making forecasts about risks and preventing a fraud. Risk management tools is your best anti-fraud solution.

What is more, consider that the use of tools, which can prevent a fraud, increases the loyalty of your customers to the business because it is a guarantee of a high level of security.

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