Creating a Collection of Note: 6 Great Art Collecting Tips and Tricks


Did you know that art sales reached $65.1 billion in 2021? This 29% increase from 2020 proves that art collecting has made a major comeback from the pandemic.

Do you appreciate art? Do you have a desire to create an art collection of your own? That desire is within reach, and you don’t have to spend millions of dollars to make it happen.

If you’re ready to start collecting beautiful art pieces, read on to learn six excellent tips and tricks for art collecting.

1. Figure Out Your Tastes

When you decorate your home, you want it to reflect your interests and personality. This same principle applies to the artwork you choose to hang on your walls.

Before making purchases, start visiting as many museums and galleries as possible. Get a feel for the forms and styles of art that you like. This will help create a vision for how you want to decorate our home with art pieces.

2. Do Your Research

Go to exhibitions and turn to the internet and social media to find out about hot up-and-coming artists. You’ll learn more about different artistic styles and mediums and what motivates certain artists. This will enhance your appreciation of artists and influence your taste in art.

3. Hire an Art Advisor

It’s easy to get hustled with counterfeit art or art that isn’t as valuable as it is made out to be. A skilled art advisor can help verify an art piece’s genuineness and true value. Just make sure you hire an educated advisor with sector-specific experience and zero conflicts of interest.

4. Document Your Purchase

Years from now, the piece your purchase for your art collection could be worth much more. It may even be worth a fortune.

That’s why you want to maintain any documentation that verifies your purchase and ownership of the artwork. This could include a receipt or emails between you and the artist or gallery. This will prove your ownership and ensure you get the profits from your investment.

5. NFTs are the Future of Art Collecting

NFTs are becoming an increasingly valuable way for artists to sell their artwork online. In 2021, the NFT marketplace reached a $41 billion value

The art market is becoming more digital, and it is creating opportunities for artists to turn their hobbies into careers. By making NFTs a part of your art collecting journey, you embark on the new normal for collecting art. If this sounds exciting, you can learn more here.

6. Look Out for Recent Art School Graduates

New art school graduates are the future of the art industry. When you buy from them, you save money because they are new and still building a name for themselves. At the same time, you could be purchasing a work of art that increases in value as the artist becomes more notable.

More On The Arts

These art collecting tips will prove useful to you as you build a collection. Art collecting is an excellent way to showcase your interests and personality, and it’s also a great investment opportunity. 

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