Creating an attractive profile on the websites like UaDates: basic rules

The life of a modern single in a metropolis has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to have a good job or even your own business, be creative and strive for constant self-development. To keep pace with its hectic tempo, you obviously need more than 24 hours a day! So it is not surprising that many singles simply do not have time for romances and postpone falling in love until later. Moreover, it is not clear – where to meet the potential soulmate? Dating sites and apps come to the rescue at this point. And the success stories of people who have found their spouses on the Web are doubly motivating to sign up. But is everything so easy there? Many people get frustrated with online dating, after all.

What can you do to make this experience as pleasant as possible? Apparently, the end result depends not only on your communication style but on your profile. We’ve asked the experts to share the basic rules of attracting Ukrainian brides on uadates (or any other similar website) through your user page. All their recommendations are placed here, in this article.

1. Do not overdo it with jokes

It’s essential to find the right balance between being funny and sincere. Don’t understand us wrong – women adore a good sense of humor. But, at the same time, it is not the main factor that determines whether a woman will want to know you better or not. In fact, too many jokes can seem like you are desperately trying to impress the rest of the world. Experts call this clown effect – and it’s definitely not sexy.

2. Do not use quotes

Your inspirational quotes have inspired me to unfriend you – have you heard this joke? If yes – bear it in mind when setting up your dating profile. Write something personal instead since Abraham Lincoln didn’t know you in person.

3. Do not write novels

It is recommended that your profile text has a maximum of 500 characters. Remember: your self-description is not a novel – it should be captivating but short. A long text says, “Look at how much time and effort I have put into my profile. Hopefully, you appreciate it!”

Is that what you want?

In fact, the first 20 words are extremely important. Why? Well, it is just like with the essay at school – the introduction should always be engaging. If your first two sentences are boring – then, there’s a certain chance that a woman won’t even read through the fabulous rest.

4. Do not make mistakes

Grammar and spelling mistakes aren’t sexy. Sure, not all women are so allergic to spelling mistakes – but it concerns the majority of them.

Anyway, you must bear in mind one thing. With every single mistake you make, you seem less intelligent. Therefore, you can use free checkers just to make sure your texts are free from oversights.

5. Do not be like everyone else

This is the most crucial piece of advice in this article – stay out of the crowd. What do we mean by that?

99% of men write their profile descriptions so as if they wanted to show the mothers of their online girlfriends what a perfect son-in-law they could be. Their texts are sweet, polite, and exclusively optimistic.

Hey, this is not a job interview, nor is mom going to decide whether her daughter can start dating you. To be successful  be a little provocative instead. Your goal is to leave a lady intrigued after reading what you have written. But avoid using sarcasm, presenting yourself narcissistic, and making fun of something or someone.