Creative Ways to Get Around on Your Next Vacation


Whether your preferred vacation is laying on a beach or getting lost in a major city, getting around from where you’re staying to restaurants and other things to do can be part of the adventure. Getting creative in how you get around on your next vacation can be a fun addition to your trip, but the right combination of methods can also save you money.

Here’s a look at some fun ways to travel within your destination once you get there:

Water taxi

One of the more memorable ways to get around, water taxis may be a little pricier, especially if you’re taking one while visiting a place like Venice, Italy. But they can fit several people, which can help the price per person drop. Water taxis vary in price and quality, but they will almost certainly provide some great views for memorable photo opportunities and can double as a mode of transportation and fun experience.

Car sharing

If you’re headed to a place you know you’ll need a car, like LA or Phoenix, but might not need a car the whole time you’re there, car sharing is a great option. A service that provides car sharing Phoenix could be a good option to only rent a car for exactly when you need it. As less traditional options for renting vehicles have sprung up, young people are taking advantage of the benefits, like not paying more for being under 25 years old.

Bike taxi

Many of the best transportation options are ones that come with the territory. As you travel, try to take advantage of options that aren’t available everywhere. Visiting New Orleans? Take advantage of their pedicabs or bike taxis. Flag one down on the street after a long day of walking the French Quarter and eating beignets.  Also consider options like a taxi Liverpool as well.

Bike rentals

Speaking of bicycles, check out what bike-sharing company is available where you’re headed. There are many to choose from and they vary from city to city. Because of how easy they are to use through an app on your phone, hopping on a bike and peddling to your next stop might be the best choice and save you the time you’d spend walking there. If you don’t mind the exercise and want to squeeze more into your trip, this could be a great choice for your next vacation.


We’ve heard the debates about the electric scooters that have taken over many cities when the weather gets warm. But wherever you stand on whether they should be allowed on sidewalks, they have already arrived for the summer. Much like the bike-sharing programs available, check what scooters you’ll be able to access on your trip, download the app, and scooter away. But be careful! The scooters can pick up speed, and if you’re riding in a crowded space you’ve never been before, they could be more trouble than they’re worth. Consider electric scooters in places that have wider sidewalks — or take the scenic route. It might have less traffic.

These are all great options to get around on your next vacation and all provide some fun in addition to getting you from point A to point B. Any combination could make your trip more memorable. Don’t forget to snap some photos along the way!

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