Crib Safety Tips: Preventing Baby Injuries in the Cribs


Babies are as adorable as they are delicate. When they come along, we want to spend all of our time holding them and playing with them even when we have to go about with our daily routines.

After some time, we realize that it would be impossible, as there are chores to do and you also need a rest. This is where cribs and infant crib accessories come in. Babies spend most of their first years in cribs until they can walk around the house or start fully playing with the other children.

These cribs not only serve to hold the baby but also to protect them. At some point the baby will be big enough to start standing on crib, increasing their risks of falling. You will also have to protect your child from choking in the crib. It is at this point where baby cribs safety should be enhanced. Which are some effective crib safety tips you can follow? Read on to find out!  Also we recommend reading this Best Breastfeeding Chair guide.

Effective crib safety tips

The rise in demand for baby cribs has brought about an influx of substandard ones. This is especially risky for the baby as a low-quality crib increases their chances of injuries.

Buy a quality infant crib

A great crib considerably reduces the chances of injury. It is for this reason that you should use reputable sites with detailed product reviews like when buying quality baby cribs, including cribs with changing table.

Mattress fit standards

Always make sure that there’s little to no space between the mattress and the crib. The mattress should be soft as opposed to firm and low to prevent the baby from getting out of the crib. Never use a water mattress as it increases chances of suffocation and ensures that the bedsheet fits the mattress perfectly.

Pillows in cribs

Never put stuffed animals or pillows in the crib. Not only can they suffocate your child, but also be used as stepping blocks for the baby to get out of the crib. This also applies to extra padding and thick crib bedding for kids.

Crib mobiles

When the baby starts pushing himself up on his knees and hands, you should get rid of the mobiles. Ensure that any toys and mobiles hanging on strings are within safe reach. The recommended distance is about 7inches.

Quality toys

Quality toys

Even though toys are supposed to distract kids, they also pose a danger. If they are too small, they could encourage chewing on crib and choke the baby. Large toys could be used as stepping blocks for the baby to get out of the crib. Remember about these rules.

Net for newborn

It is understandable that you would want a net to protect your child from insects. However, crib canopies and nets are not entirely safe. They raise the risk of strangulation. You should also make sure that the crib is placed at a safe distance from windows and drapes.

Bed stoppers

Always desist from using drop-side cribs. There’s always a chance of detachment, and your child getting trapped in the gap created. Should you opt to go for such kind of crib, ensure that you do due diligence to make sure that they work perfectly.

When assembling a drop-side crib, follow all the instructions to the latter. The structural integrity of the crib.

Make sure that there are no nails, screws, splinters or any other defect that is harmful to your child. The slat covers should be in great shape and the edges should be blunt and padded. All latches should be secured and the safety standards met.

Other crib safety tips include complying with the manufactures age recommendations and adjusting the mattress thickness as the baby grows.

Crib safety is extremely important

Sometimes, the very things that are meant to protect our babies are the same ones that pose a danger to them. There are various things you should consider including how to protect hitting head in crib sheet and how to avoid chewing on crib.

The above safety tips are meant to protect your baby as long as they still use the crib. Always remember that your child’s safety matters and it all begins with the quality of the crib.

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