Cricket Betting Tips: How To Place Effective Cricket Bets


Cricket is the most popular game in India and undoubtedly it is one of the most followed sports worldwide. Owing to this immense popularity, cricket betting has always been a centre of attraction among punters. If done properly, you could make extremely profitable cricket bets. Here we have, courtesy of this cricket bet tips guide, a collection of betting tips to help you make correct cricket bets.

Why is Cricket Betting so Popular?

Cricket offers a wide variety of options to punters. The game of cricket is played in three formats – Test Cricket, ODI Cricket, and T20 Cricket. Different formats mean more fans and even more options to bet.

Test Cricket: It is the original form of the game and also the most challenging one. The game is played for 5 days across 4 different innings.

One-Day Cricket: In an ODI game, the match usually lasts around 7 hours. It is played in two innings of 50 overs each for both teams.

T20 Cricket – It is an even smaller version of ODI Cricket as it is played for two innings of 20 overs each for either side.

Each format comes with its own games and championships. Also, each format requires certain skillsets to excel which makes the game ever so interesting.

Understanding Cricketing Betting Odds

Before diving into the sea of cricket betting, you must understand what betting odds are and how do they work? You can’t think of making profits from cricket betting if you don’t understand them.

There are two major forms of betting odds – decimal odds and fraction odds. While fraction odds are popular in European countries, decimal odds are popular among Asian nations. All of the major betting portals have converter so you could select your preferred methodology.

How to Calculate Betting Odds

Betting odds are given at the evaluation of the bookmaker. These odds are the representation of the chances of winning of both sides. For example – In a cricket match between India and Pakistan, India was given odds of 1.25 to win, while Pakistan was given odds of 2.00 to coming out victorious.

Let’s work out the potential winnings for both teams based on the given odds. To calculate you need to use the formula:

Winnings = (odds*stakes) – stakes

Let’s assume you waged 1000 Rs each on India at the odds of 1.25 –

Winnings = (1.25*1000) – 1000 = 250 Rs

If you have waged the same amount on Pakistan at the odds of 2.00 –

Winnings = (2.00*1000) – 1000 = 1000 Rs

You might be confused at first, but the odds are pretty simple to understand. Once you get your way around them, your chance of winning cricket bets would increase significantly.

Expert Cricket Betting Tips

You need to make calculated decisions based on research and tactics rather than depending upon luck. To get the best out of your bet and boost the chances of winning, you need to go through some of the pointers mentioned below –

  • Rankings and Ratings – All international teams earn rating points based on their current performances and they are ranked as per their rating points respectively. By looking at the rankings you would have a rough idea that which team is stronger going into the match.
  • Weather Conditions – Weather conditions play a significant role in cricket. If the weather is overcast then it would help the seamers but if it is a sunny day then batting would get easier.
  • Pitch Behaviour – Every pitch behaves differently and every ground has a different pattern. For example – Galle Stadium in Sri Lanka would have a spin-friendly pitch but WACA, Perth in Australia would suit pace bowlers. Study the pattern of the venue before placing your bets.
  • Toss – Toss plays a crucial role, especially in Test cricket. While it doesn’t decide the outcome of the game, but as per records, almost 35% of teams have ended up winning the match after winning the toss in the Test Cricket.
  • Team Current Form – No matter how big a team is but current form always matters in cricket and many other sports as well. Cricket is a game of momentum and confidence. Go through the recent performances of both sides before waging your bets.

Cricket betting could be fun and also provides you with an opportunity to earn a good amount. However, we recommend you to bet responsibly and make tactical risks based on extensive research and calculations.

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