Crypto Faucet: Explained

For a simpler understanding, a free cryptocurrency faucet can be described as a real faucet with water dropping from it. Just in the case of the crypto faucet, there are bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others dropping to your digital wallet from different platforms that allow earning coins by completing a range of tasks (such as social media engagement, survey passing and conducting, testing, etc.). These platforms don’t have a payment wall, so you can start from scratch with zero investment. The tasks are usually suitable both for newbies and experienced users. The more tasks you complete, the more you earn. The main advantage of the faucet method is that you can earn and withdraw funds daily, without waiting months or years as with staking or trading. If you’re interested in this way of earning, keep reading or explore our full guide by the link.

Such platforms’ owners have an interest as well because they pay you for promoting their products or/and services, publishing advertisements, and running other marketing projects. In many solutions, the main in-app currency is satoshi or sats.

The most reliable crypto faucet apps

Users suggest the apps listed below as the safest, most user-friendly, and most profitable:

  • Moon Litecoin — Litecoin-specific
  • Cointiply — Bitcoin-specific
  • Fire Faucet — Bitcoin-specific
  • Bitcoinker — Bitcoin-specific
  • (gambling) — Bitcoin-specific
  • Faucet Crypto — 18 cryptocurrencies available
  • Blockchain Poker (poker website) — Bitcoin-specific
  • SatoshiLabs — Bitcoin-specific
  • Rollercoin — Bitcoin-specific
  • Timebucks — Bitcoin-specific
  • CoinPayU — Bitcoin-specific
  • FreeCash — Bitcoin-specific
  • Fold App (for the USA only) — Bitcoin-specific
  • EarnCrypto — more than 100 cryptocurrencies available

The features of great crypto faucet apps

Crypto faucets have common selection criteria with any web resource: pay attention to security certificates, real user reviews, the number of monthly (preferably daily) visitors, transparency, and openness of the proposed schemes of earnings. Be sure to check out this bitget referral code as well. In addition, there are specific several points to consider:

  • Source. First of all, carefully choose the source of an app. Prefer well-known providers such as Google Play and AppStore.
  • Payment wall. Most free cryptocurrency faucets don’t require any investment. Instead, they encourage users to register and start earning without any threshold.
  • Withdrawal limit. Ideally, it should be as minimal as possible. High limits are generally presented in apps with high task prices.
  • Withdrawal methods. So many users prefer to receive payments directly to their bank accounts or credit/debit cards. However, if this gateway is not available, it’s okay if there are such methods as PayPal, Skrill, or Webmoney.
  • Payout periods. The more frequently you can get paid, the safer and more convenient the solution is.
  • Task prices. This is the last but not the least point in this list to pay attention to. The higher prices, the faster you can reach the desired amount.

Alternative and similar methods

There are a few more methods that look like faucets and allow earning crypto for free:

  • Wallet reward programs. Some digital wallets pay you just for transactions.
  • Games. You can earn while playing blockchain-based games.
  • Fitness. Get paid by walking or running,
  • Education. Your knowledge can be monetized through crypto as well.
  • Airdrops. Turn your marketing skills into money with this option.
  • Web surfing. Working in browsers also can be profitable.