Cryptocurrency wallets – security and safety are above all

According to Statista, the number of cryptocurrency wallets opened by holders of digital assets has jumped from 48.18 million to 71.40 million within the recent year. The growth of 48.19% shows that cryptocurrencies are a fast-growing trend. Meanwhile, many people don’t dive into the security and safety issues. While talking about investments and wealth, security and safety are the two pillars your investments should rely on.

The number of companies offering crypto wallets is steadily on the rise, but can holders be sure their investments will not melt down due to cyberattacks or other problems? Coinsbuy is a platform that understands the security and safety issues among the top priorities.

Effective measures against the unauthorized login

Login and password are usually the two necessary components to enter your client’s area, and Coinsbuy is not the exception. Users may rely on this option to access their digital funds. Meanwhile, the system highly recommends activating the two-factor authentication, minimizing the risks of unauthorized login.

Investors may select two options of 2FA Authentication: Google Authenticator or Text Message. While using Google Authenticator, you need to install a special app to generate time-sensitive codes every time you enter the client’s area. As for the second option, the system may send you an SMS with a code to the indicated phone number.

When you’ve activated the two-factor authentication, the list of white addresses is available. Open your “Profile” and click on the “Address Whitelist” option to specify crypto addresses allowed to transfer your funds. This said, hackers will not be able to transfer cryptocurrencies, even in case of unauthorized login.

“External protection” of crypto holders

Coinsbuy considers the smallest details while talking about security and safety; this is why 90% of crypto holders’ funds are stored in cold wallets, excluding any risks of cyberattacks.

Wallets for cryptocurrency provide users with access to more than 25 coins and stablecoins; meanwhile, the platform lists liquid assets only understood as trustworthy participants of the crypto community. The overall number of digital currencies includes more than 9 000 assets, while there are many scam projects. Coinsbuy protects investors from scammers who are going to capitalize on the community interest.

One more important factor to include Coinsbuy into the list of secure and legitimate crypto platforms lies in strict following to the KYC policy. Deposits are available for verified investors only, while the verification process requires both scans of your documents and selfie identification. Having verified their accounts, users may buy Bitcoin with credit card instantly.

Get a secure and safe crypto wallet

Digital assets are undoubtedly a long-living trend that is on the threshold of mass adoption. As such, holders need to come up with a decision on where to keep their digital funds. Coinsbuy offers the best online wallets for cryptocurrency, enabling investors to hold, receive, send, or exchange their assets.