CS:GO Map Update: Mirage Controversy And Tuscan Release


The CS:GO map pool is always one of the most controversial topics every day in both the professional and amateur scene. The shooter is one of those games that doesn’t require major updates because it’s so simple that it works well without too many frills.

That said, Valve has presented the long-awaited remake of Tuscan. So the new and the most mythical map of CS:GO is now available and can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop. Following the Tuscan arrival, both players and fans started to make assumptions about further map modifications on the competitive scene. Mirage turned out to be the most viral and was in the focus of social networks during all that time. Let’s talk about the ad hoc map in more detail.

The Contradictions with Mirage

CS:GO maps are studied in detail to be unequal and fun to play. But of course, we can’t expect all maps to be liked. That’s what happened to Cloud9’s player HObbit, who would have called Mirage boring and preferred Cobblestone to it. On his Twitter account, he asked the CS:GO developers to eliminate Mirage from the competitive pool.

We wonder if Valve will listen to the words of the pro player, meanwhile the championships are moving forward. Speaking of which, you can track the progress of all the ongoing tournaments at the https://cover.gg/tournaments/current webpage. Also, the site collects all the CS:GO statistics, such as match overviews and map picks in one place for everyone’s convenience.

S1mple Defends Mirage

HObbit was not the only one who decided to call for the removal of Mirage. This map is continually criticized by many of the professional players and a large part of fans. However, as it can’t be otherwise, some players consider Mirage one of the best maps for playing. In this regard, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev came to its defense.

Sasha believes that it is the map with the most opportunities to outplay the opponent and score echo rounds. “All people who think Mirage should be removed: they know nothing about CS,” said the Ukrainian.

Does Mirage Need a Modification?

The short answer is yes. Mirage is the only map to have been featured in all 18 CS:GO Major championships, sponsored directly by Valve. However, the last time the map received a significant update was in January 2020, when developers added a bench near the middle window (aka AWPer’s den), allowing players to power themselves at that spot. So, to be honest, Mirage really needs an update, but the decision is not in their hands but in the hands of the organizers.

Tuscan: New Map in Detail

Putting all the discussions about Mirage aside, we want to move forward and unveil the original concept of Tuscan in more detail. Its warm atmosphere of the old content alive kicks the nostalgia of intense activity in 2022. The characteristics of the map will be decisive when it comes to adding variety to the Valve title.

However, it should be noted that the first details of Tuscan could be seen in an ESL Pro League 13 Showmatch. It has caused even more interest to see what changes arrived with this new edition.

The changes offered by Tuscan

Tuscan is a bomb defuse map created by Brute in 2007, and now reworked by Brute and Catfood map makers. The developers have been working on the map to pull off the old concept with a modern touch. Thus, the iconic sandy location of the ancient allies is now fully available in Workshop.

The new-look mythical map mainly benefits all long-range confrontations. Players with more aim can see their great virtue much more rewarded compared to maps with more closed spaces.

The Importance of Tuscan Inside the Server

The arrival of Tuscan can have a great impact within the Valve video game. On the new map, taking the points and defending them will not be as easy to win 2vs5 as on the Inferno B site. It requires following a plan of denying information to the opponent, using skills to know the enemy positioning, and assaulting the point. That said, we think the operation of this map would be more rewarding.

At the moment, Tuscan’s remake has been completed, and it can have a presence on the CS: GO competitive map pool if Valve decides to include it and replace one of the scenarios in there. As for now, all players can enjoy and play custom games on this map if it is downloaded from the Steam Workshop.

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