Curate your future on Spotify!

Are you a young musician who has chosen the path to fame through Spotify? If so, then answer a simple question: do you know how to promote your tracks? Surely, you have several songs that you put your heart and soul into writing. However, even if you uploaded them to your Spotify account, most likely you have no idea how to effectively promote and popularize your works. The solution is simple – Spotify curated playlists. The relevance of this particular method is based on the size of the service audience and people’s habits. Over 120 million people use Spotify daily as a source of music and good mood. At the disposal of users more than 60 million unique compositions of various genres and styles. Then why curated playlists?

To begin with, it is useful to understand the capabilities of the service and its advantages over competitors. In addition to the usual features of listening, saving and sharing of music, the application features a cross-platform function. What is it? Cross-platforming is when you start listening to a song on one device, and continue on another from that very second. The function works like a clock, largely due to the fact that the application can be installed on any device with Internet access. Smartphones, computers, TVs and even refrigerators are connected in one musical organism. The second advantage is a highly developed system of recommendations and selection of playlists. This system, due to the quality of its work, distinguishes Spotify from other music streaming services. The playlists created by the program algorithms will not leave anyone indifferent, and definitely will not let you get bored. Spotify playlist placement can get you there.

However, what are the advantages of placing of the song to Spotify curated playlists over other promotion methods? Firstly, the effectiveness of playlists comes from the fact that people have been listening to music in packs for centuries, whether it’s vinyl records or CDs. Music in playlists is usually united by one motive, whether it is romance or emotionality. Therefore, among many different songs it’s hard to lose or miss your catchy track. In addition, the target audience is most easily captured through playlists, as people tend to listen to the music that they like. For example, if your playlist is focused on Lord of the Rings, try attract people who like Rings of Power series, the Lotr film trilogy, Tolkien fans or general fans of fantasy music from the Middle-Earth. These are the main reasons to choose Spotify curated playlists. This is the most unobtrusive, effective and organic way of promotion. So, don’t be afraid to act – this one small action can benefit you in an unimaginable way. Try it! To get more engagements from your target market, you must also know the latest trends in internet communication that you can use in your campaign.