Cure Your Disc Issues With Disc Replacement


Do you feel extreme pain in your back when you bend down? Do you feel pain in your back after you get up from your seat?

If you experience pain in your back, you should not belittle the pain. Prolonged back pain can be due to intervertebral disc problems. When spongy cushions get separated from the spine, then a person suffers from disc issues. The role of the discs is to let vertebrae move properly and to keep the spine stable. It is the disc which can bear a lot of load and pressure with ease. There are certain pressures which give rise to irritation and strain in the outer shell of a disc which further results in disc protrusion. As the connectivity tissues change with age, the changes in discs happen automatically. As a person ages, then the structures of the spine copes with the daily physical activity. Narrowing of disc space, disc dehydration and disc bulge happen as a person gets older. If you are settled in India, then you can get an artificial disc replacement. Get in touch with the one-stop healthcare app to discuss with eminent doctors to get the disc replacement in India at affordable costs.

Disc Problem Symptoms

Depending on the severity and location, symptoms of an irritated disc may vary. With the aging issue, disc change can appear which can be severe if the disc problem is overlooked for a long time. Common symptoms of disc problems are as follows.

  • You will experience pain when you bend or back ache when you sit at one place for a longer period of time.
  • Back pain while sneezing, coughing, straining, or laughing.
  • Needle-like sensation in the leg or arm. You may also feel numbness in the arm or leg. This is due to the irritation in the surrounding areas of the nerve.

There are some people who are more prone to disc problems. The risk factors which contribute to the disc problems are lack of fitness, obesity, poor posture, cigarette smoking, lack of exercise, aging issues and lifting heavy objects. The disc-related issues include disc sprains and strains, disc strain, degenerative disc disease, disc protrusion and sciatica. Degenerative changes in disc can be seen in a back scan or an X-ray. If you are suffering from disc-related issues, then you need a proper diagnosis from a health care provider. The doctor will try to know the medical history to decide your health conditions. Doctor will also check if there is a problem in the spinal nerves.

Treatment To Cure Disc Problems

If you have a problem with your spine or disc, then you should not neglect the problem. For persistent disc issues, disc replacement is executed in India. When the natural spine gets damaged, then the artificial disc replacement in India from the eminent doctors of the healthcare app will help you get the disc replacement done without worries. In the healthcare app, the staff will help you connect with the best orthopedic to get the appointment fixed for you. The surgery cost of the disc replacement in India is considerably lower than other countries.

To know more about the treatment and surgery cost and procedures, download the healthcare app to talk with the doctors online such as medigence.


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